Clinton or Trump: America is at a crossroad

IT’S less than a week before the presidential election in the United States. This year’s election appears to be the worst and nastiest campaign that Americans have ever seen.  There is so much filth and accusations of criminal wrongdoings, acts of immorality or breach of good manners and right conduct being hurled by each presidential candidate against each other that made millions of voters sick and tired of listening, reading or watching the news. I am glad that soon this political drama will be over, and we will hopefully go back to our normal lives — to work hard for our families, a better economy, a more peaceful world for our children and their children.

It’s time to decide whom to vote for president for the next four years.  I have no good choice among the four candidates:  Democratic Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump or the minor candidates Gary “Aleppo” Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party).  So, many of us, tens of millions may be compelled to vote for the “lesser evil,” a rare predicament that is tormenting me to the very end.

Clinton and Trump do not possess core values that I hold dear and close to my heart.  Both candidates, I believe, have lied to hide their negative persona, or   cover their countless sins of commission and omission. They have so much trustworthiness issues that demotivate many voters to vote for either one of them.    Allow me to just cite a few reasons:

Clinton:  With so much smoke emitting from her acts of commission or omission, there must be fire (truth).  She definitely has a serious flaw in her character as a leader as can be deduced from her thousands of deleted emails, cover ups on the Benghazi fiasco, and her opportunistic tendencies as Secretary of State to amass considerable amount of contributions towards their family foundation. Donors also discriminate in choosing their beneficiaries for their own selfish interests; whether business, economic, or political advantage.  In the real world, there is such a practice of “Pay then Play.”

The Clintons, even without any real business, have become wealthy after decades in politics. People in public service should not become mega-wealthy as their wealth could be attributed of “selling their influence” to the highest bidder. The above scenarios can become more magnified if and when Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Trump:  Using his power, wealth and status as a “star,” (producer-owner of “The Apprentice” and the Miss World pageant), Trump has effectively buried the old and dying Grand Old Party (Republican) of Lincoln, defeating 16 more “conservative” who may be better candidates than him.  His crass, vulgar gutter language, now derisively described as his own (P…ygate, reminiscent of Watergate that caused the downfall of Pres. Nixon) mirrors the character and demeanor of a thug and opportunistic predator in the jungle.  He is NO leader, much less a good role model for any American.  His documented countless pronouncements show that he does not respect women, Hispanics, Blacks, Jews or Muslims and immigrants.  He has mocked people of disabilities, imprisoned veterans, ugly women and housekeepers (although he needs them in his hotels!).

Trump’s wealth grew taking “legal” (but not necessarily moral or ethical means like the bankruptcy laws) even bragging himself as a “smart” businessman. His bankrupt Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos, and Trump Vodka legally evaded paying his creditors and unjustly impoverished others, like those   unpaid vendors and suppliers that helped built his business empire. Other billionaires like who have social conscience like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs were never reported doing what he has done many times!

The tough decision of who is the “lesser evil” between Clinton and Trump

As a fiercely independent person, I believe the election of either Trump or Clinton will not substantially alter my economic well-being or my freedom and status as a senior citizen. However, I am much more concerned about the future of my children and the granddaughters. I have left the Republican Party and an Independent for almost 20 years now. Hence, I have been voting not for the party but for the person who carries most of my own values and interests.

There are so much negatives that I do not want in the person of Clinton such as   her pro-abortion (aka pro-choice) stand, her flip-flopping on many issues, flimsy economic policies, some poor judgment on the Benghazi fiasco and too much social programs making more Americans lazier and dependent upon the government; and the prospects of making the Supreme Court very liberal. Nevertheless, I have reached the tough and painful decision with a heavy heart, to vote for Clinton because doing so is effectively voting against to be the next president.

With a Trump presidency, the nation will be more divided and the hatred against the US by more nations will be magnified, making it less safe for Americans here and abroad.  It will also widen the already wide gap between the one per centers (the mega millionaires and billionaires, like him) who pay less taxes in proportion of their income.  The social and economic inequality will also grow from bad to worse.

Clinton is closer to “democracy” (government of the people, by the people and for the people) while Trump represents “demagoguery” and the rich will become wealthier and the poor become poorer.

Clinton is no angel and understandably could really be a “nasty or crooked” woman, but she is a lesser evil compared to the egomaniac Trump.

My one vote for Clinton, with the millions of others like me, does not mean of my total embrace of her person as the best leader but rather more of a vote against Trump as the next president which will be worse for America and the world.   Having read and listened to many Republican leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan, former President Bush (both father and son) and many others including dozens of military leaders, I tend to agree with their decision not to support Trump.

May the Lord bless the United States of America at her serious crossroad in her 240-year history!

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