Cheering crowds applaud the New Miss Philippines USA 2017

Winners to be sent to Top Model of the World Philippines and will tour with Foodtrients’ international launch of

“The Age Beautifully Cookbook” in Philippines and around Asia

Pageant contestants vying for Miss Philippines USA 2017 and Miss Young Philippines 2017 were cheered on by a sold-out crowd at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA on Sunday, July 16, 2017. The entire evening was a magical blend of Filipino culture and heritage. To open the sixth year of this pageant, Michael Keith, the Filipino “Michael Jackson,” performed two songs before the roaring crowd.

Thirty-three contestants made a grand entrance down both aisles of the packed theatre to the stage where they were introduced by the evenings co-hosts, broadcast personality Tony Cabrera and Cher Calvin, news anchor on KTLA TV News, who have co-hosted all six years of this pageant, which was founded and is executive produced by Ms. Lou Razon and associate producer and program/technical director, Randy Trinidad.

Once all the contestants were assembled on stage, it was clear that they were the epitome of true global beauty. Eleven judges representing a wide range of Filipino media and business and philanthropic interests would be voting on the winners in all categories throughout the evening.

The culmination of the evening was the joyous crowning of both Miss Philippines USA 2017 and Miss Young Philippines USA 2017. Not only did Nicole Guerrero win the awards for Miss Philippines USA Top Model of the World and Miss Philippines USA Foodtrients World, but she also won the ultimate title of Miss Philippines USA 2017! The winner of Miss Young Philippines 2017 was Jazlynn Dizon! Both winners are stunning representatives of the Filipino community.

While the contestants changed into their swimsuits for the first competition of the evening, a video detailing the history of Filipino-Americans beginning with the first landing in 1587 on the American mainland was screened. The film highlighted the many positive contributions Filipinos have made to American culture and history over time.

Eleven beautiful teenage contestants competed in the Miss Young Philippines USA swimsuit contest, which was won by Jazlynn Dizon. Twenty-two contestants competed in the Miss Philippines USA 2017 swimsuit contest, which was won by Kayla Madres. All the women wore swimsuits provided by Dylee & Lylee Active & Swimwear Apparel.

While the contestants changed from their swimsuits into elegant gowns for the next competition, Tony and Cher introduced the very first Mrs. Philippines USA for 2017—Mrs. Cora Aragon Soriano. She then made the exciting announcement that a new competition category would be added to next year’s pageant—Mrs. Philippines USA.

The elegant gown competition culminated in the awarding of the following honors: Jessica Cabanos won the Young Miss Malava Skin Care Award and Kristine Macalutas won this award for Miss Philippines; Miss Cream Silk Award was won by Young Jamie Francisco and Keena Kyra Mapanao, who also won Best Talent Award; Miss Popularity was won by Young Alecssandra De Leon and Alyssa Villagracia, who also won the Miss Congeniality Award; Miss Young Congeniality was won by Young Alexandra Dalumpines; Miss Photogenic was won by Young Sariah Shaver, who also won Miss Best Talent and Alexis Dinglasan. Finally, the Long Gown contest was won by April Rose Maniwang in the Miss Young Philippines USA category and by Nicole Guerrero for Miss Philippines USA. Seven semi-finalists were chosen from the 11 Young contestants and 13 semi-finalists were chosen from the 22 Miss Philippines contestants to compete in the final question-and-answer contest.

During the final wardrobe change by the semi-finalists, Eric G serenaded the first Filipina Miss World 2013 winner, Megan Lynne Young, who was also one of the 11 jurors deciding the winners in each category.

After the Question-and-Answer contest the final winners in all final awards categories were announced. In the Miss Young Philippines USA 2017 category the winners were: Alexandra Dalumpines won Miss Filipinotown; Jessica Cabanos won Miss Foodtrients World, a new category established this year by the founder of Foodtrients, Grace O, for the contestant who best represents the issues of health, wellness and aging beautifully; Alyssa Sandra Guevara and April Rose Maniwang were appointed 2017 Ambassadors; Alyssa Sandra Guevara was the second runner up and Sabrina Garcia was the first runner up.

The winners in all final categories for Miss Philippines USA 2017 were: Kayla Nadres won World 2017; Gabby Pangan won Filipinotown; Kristine Macalutas and Valerie Bondan were appointed 2017 Ambassadors; Angelica Escandon was third runner up, Andrea Valera was second runner up, and Angelica Escandon was first runner up.

This year’s pageant was directed by John De La Vega. The many sponsors for the event included Asian Journal Publications, Foodtrients, Top Model of the World, GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, GMA News International, Philippine News, Miss Magazine, Cream Silk, Philippine Airlines, ProCare Home Health, Revive Beverly Hills, Victory Auto Connect, Image Spa MD, AR Salon, Maleva Skin Care, LA Beauty, Estela Skincare, Max’s Restaurant, Fiesta Fast Food, Island Pacific Market, Leelin Bakery, Lou Razon Couture, Evangeline Giron Inc., Joel Hornilla Photography, Innovative Travel & Tours, Dylee & Lylee Swimwear, PM Marketing, and Monet Salon.

Ding Dong Avanzado, who was invited by Trinity Foliente, closed the exciting evening performing to songs to the standing room only cheering crowd who proudly celebrated the beauty and talent of all 33 Filipina contestants. Everyone can’t wait for the 2018 Miss Philippines USA Pageant!

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