2017 People’s Ball Honorary Chairs and production dancers

The tense situation plus the Herculean task and responsibilities bestowed upon the shoulders of anybody dispensed with the task of organizing and managing an event left him fidgety, uptight, edgy,  ill-tempered, and petulant…and even sleepless at the worst case scenario. The success of the occasion depends not solely on him but on a collective effort, clever brainstorming, skillful planning and implementation with a common foresight aimed at attaining a solid goal.
A proven option in achieving such objective is to seek the support of reliable and influential personalities in the community…and that was precisely what the moving forces behind the 2017 People’s Ball did.
After a series of nomination and a long process of elimination, Fiesta in America’s People’s Ball committee finally came up with three of the most capable and esteemed personalities and, in all probability, will be efficient front man and women of the prestigious annual event.
Meet the this year’s three People’s Ball Honorary Chairs:
Maria Pilar Monje
Eminently distinguished in the Fil-Am Community as a Dance Enthusiast and an exceptionally knowledgeable accountant, Pilar currently works as the Financial Accounting Manager of the David Webb Group at Madison Avenue in New York City after having been affiliated with TCBA Watson Rice LLP, the Kalaw Group of Companies, Igedo Fashions, Inc., and Ernst & Young.  Aptly armed with an innate charm and a persuasive personality, she indefatigably offers free tax preparation services to senior citizens while providing continuing Professional Education for accountants. Pilar, by nature, is gregariously companionable while being reserved in her own innate ways.
“Being affiliated and closely drawn in with Fiesta in America’s People’s Ball has given me much more opportune time to be connected with the members of the community aside from the fact that I could personally offer them my own perspective of the 60s era’s significant episodes,” Pilar earnestly uttered with eyes glistening and while beaming with a toothy smile. “Actually I couldn’t conceal my excitement after learning about this year’s theme… very nostalgic, indeed!”
Jocelyn “Joyce” Aligarbes
A very visible and dynamic figure in almost every Filipino-American event, Joyce is an effectual fundraiser and community leader having recently chaired PIDCI’s 2017 Mrs. Kalayaan while being a ravishing beauty with queenly demeanor, herself. She has been crowned and honored by different Filipino-American organizations. A Registered Nurse, her dedication to her profession exceeds the boundaries of her calling. Currently Joyce is affiliated with Jacobi Medical Center as Supervisor of Nursing while simultaneously working as a Medical Biller in a physician’s office.
And here’s what she has to say about being one of this year’s People’s Ball Honorary Chairs: “Overwhelmed, of course!” She instantaneously responded upon queried. “It is a rare opportunity to be involved with such prestigious event… an event much-awaited and well-attended among the various Filipino-American organizational social occurrences. I just hope I’ll be able to meet their expectation and deliver the very essence of the responsibilities that my being an Honorary Chair entails.”
Atty. Nicolas “Nick” Caraquel
After having incessantly defied every single life’s impediment and disheartening encumbrances, Atty. Nick is incessantly armed with a munificent heart and an unflinching determination to further succeed in his advocacy. Challenging immigration cases all the more emboldened his stand to competently be of assistance to the many underprivileged that seek his services. If poverty has stolen the freedom of his childhood easily, now his thriving achievements are effectually structuring his dignity and distinction while simultaneously establishing his moniker (and boldly stamping his mark) as one of the most sought-after immigration lawyers this side of the east coast.
“I was having second thoughts when the position was first offered to me…I wasn’t really used to this or any similar social gathering. Not that I am an introvert or what but after giving it some thought and having analyzed it with thorough scrutiny, I said, why not? After all this is an essential faction that I need to be engaged with as an advocate and advisor for society…while getting exposed and intermingling with people of diverse color, creed, and ethnicity could unmistakably be an enriching experience worth my involvement with the Fiesta in America’s People’s Ball as an Honorary Chair.”
These Honorary Chairs gamely threw their caution to the air and readily participated in the production number which more than proved their wholehearted willingness and voluntarism with good grace.
Incidentally, the 2017 People’s Ball adapted the Psychedelic Decade of the 60s…another nostalgically quixotic era that is equally significant, if not totally more noteworthy, like last year’s Roaring 20s
Authentically donned and genuinely garbed in bell bottom pants, palazzos, multi-hued moo-moo long dresses, tiss and coiffure hairdos, and exotically shaded eyes that are reminiscent of the 1960s period, the regular fixtures of the People’s Ball’s choreographed production number are all set to entertain the audience with a snippet of the era’s Jam Session, a dance get-together among teens. The well-rehearsed situation and the reflective music will indubitably bring smiles, stimulate bitter-sweet memories, create puns and clever remarks, and transform the entire venue into an atmosphere predominantly nostalgic of that idiosyncratic decade.
The Psychedelic Jam Session production number, conceptualized and choreographed by this writer, is composed of Virgie Alvarez, Ramona S. Gapasin, Marieta Lamar. Rebecca “Becky” Samanyaphon, Juvie Casquejo, Hermie Garcia, Ma. Pilar Monje, Jocelyn “Joyce” Aligarbes, Sabrina Ramos, Linda Auleta, Atty. Nick Caraquel, Vince Gesmundo, John Alberto, Ed Manalo, Suriya Samanyaphon, and Cecil Casquejo.
While the People’s Ball is appropriately loaded with talented world-class performers and production numbers, the moving forces behind the event had fittingly hand-picked the most excellent emcees in the NY-NJ area: ravishing lady host Allah Arcanghel, singer-performer Jerome Gentolia, and veteran radio announcer Fiorello Salvo.
Official People’s Ball lights and sound guy Ernie Bugarin guarantees this 60s-themed affair will be worth attending…what with his newly systematized gadgets and techno pieces intentionally assembled just for the said occasion.
Come and join us celebrate and relive the grandeur of the 60s era on Friday, August 11, 2017 at the aristocratic ballroom of Hilton Meadowlands Hotel at  #2 Meadowlands Plaza, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 and experience the fun, excitement, and the high spirited ambience.
For reservations or more information please call 212-682-6610 or 201-300-5234 or visit us at www.fiestainamerica.com. You can also contact the People’s Ball Honorary Chairs: Jocelyn Aligarbes @ 646-515-5234 (aligarbes@aol.com); Maria Pilar Monje @ 017-378-3030 (mapilarmonje@yahoo.com); & Atty. Nick Caraquel @ 859-398-8999 (nick_caraquel@yahoo.com).
For comments and suggestions, please email to: gemini0646@yahoo.com.

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