Ivan Antonio Polanco: Having the best of both worlds

Come to think of someone who envisions and strives for perfection…someone who thinks that struggling for faultlessness and aptness could enhance life and living worthwhile. ‘Though living life entails a whole lot of adversities and trials, one’s positive outlook could possibly avert unconstructiveness.  As one artist was once quoted: “One could still find peace and quietude amid turmoil and storm.”
People are instinctively born to tread the path en route to his destiny. There exists an imaginary path where one is predestined to travel although through the intervention of some unexplainable influences and unforeseen events, the journey could still be thwarted and rerouted.
But some are sternly led to the right track where success and contentment await.
Ivan Antonio Polanco was already leaning toward his musical journey as early as when he was barely five. “My father was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who used to bring me along to his gigs whenever I was free from school,” said Ivan. “And I became a drummer of my own small scale band at the age of ten… then, played with my Dad later.”
“But aside from my father I would say the Hanson Brothers, an American pop rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma popular during the early 90s, influenced me a lot,” he added with conviction.
On May 27, 1993 (a Thursday) Ivan was born in Bronx, New York to a Dominican father (Dennis Polanco) and Filipino mother (Maida Lagmay) and his birth numbers (5+2+7+1+9+9+3=36) (3+6=9) reveal that his Life Path number is 9. It represents selflessness, forgiveness, artistry and creativity. People born on this date are philanthropists, humanitarian, socially conscious, and is deeply concerned with what’s going on in the world.
Inherently born with creative skills and lofty aspirations Ivan inadvertently shares his Big Day with the public opening of the 1,046-foot tall Chrysler Building in New York City on May 27, 1930, the tallest man-made structure during that time.
Having seen the first light of day on May 27, 1993, Ivan is the typical Gemini-born…innately possessing a sense of mystery, a distinguishing trait that gives him a distinctive individuality which, oftentimes, arouses people’s curiosity and intrigue. He can be flirtatious without intention but merely to provoke and entice one to indulge in stimulating conversation.
For Ivan, friendship is the basic foundation to committing to a soul mate… for when he falls in love he really falls deep and serious that betrayal is the ultimate fear that could eventually hurt him hardheartedly.
Stress and anxiety easily turn him moody but advantageous to some extent: that’s the frame of mind when he could effectually write songs and compose. Ivan’s sensitive side effortlessly kick-starts his adrenalin to dig up and stimulate his mind to decant prolific thoughts spontaneously.
His relentless practices were aimed to perfect his craft and improve his techniques both vocally and instrumentally. And to be more marketable while simultaneously getting at par with the best musicians of his generation, Ivan plays a multiplicity of musical instruments and unwaveringly updates his method and approach in writing and composing songs.
“What’s the hardest part in writing a song?” I curiously inquired.
“Being honest with the lyrics,” he hastily replied. “I need to be honest with the words I use to be able to effectually convey my thoughts and feelings and to come up with the genuine quality of music. I usually compose the music first, then the lyrics.”
Versatile in a variety of music instruments, Ivan is a virtuoso on guitar, competent on bass, dexterous on drums, and adept in percussion. He never ceases to learn how to play other instruments while simultaneously curious to discover new horizon in music. His mournful lyrics, cadenced guitar resonance, and out-bursting poignant melodies are testimonies to Ivan’s in-depth passion for music.
He wrote his first composition “Crossroads” in 2006 when he was 13 and performed it live before his high school class. Inspired by a story he read about a singer who sold his soul to the devil in exchange of fortune and fame, Ivan couldn’t believe (that) he was able to write and compose the piece so effortlessly… as if there was some kind of compelling energy guiding him throughout.
Before he even turned 18, Ivan already released his first album while a senior in high school. With 10 all original tracks, “In This Fire” was available on iTunes.
Driven by personal heartaches, angst, pains, and emotional torments while inspired by an unspoken affection a voluminous collection of self-composed songs contributed to the release of three more albums: “Our Time” (2012), “Introspection” (2014), and “Nice” (2016), with the two former albums containing 10 cuts while the latter with 13. All his albums were under Den of Wolves Music and Ivan Polanco record labels.
With passion comes frustrations and failure won’t be far behind.
“My biggest failure, I would say, was in 2012 when I almost failed my Biology subject because of my over indulgence and passion for music but then I luckily recovered and finished college… that, I considered my biggest achievement,” he shared.
With a year spent in Los Angeles, California when he was 19 in search of the proverbial fame in the field of music, Ivan stirringly mustered every essential will power to survive the odds and steadfastly held onto the edge of hope just to reach that elusive star he’s been chasing.
“When I hope, I hope for the best…and when I dream, I really dream big. My most magnificent obsession is to be a popular singer-songwriter and financially stable,” he expressed without whacking a pose.
Ivan as a Personal Trainer
The complicated and ever fast-paced social set-up coupled with the demanding hours of workload deprive health enthusiasts of visiting the gym for their much-needed physical regimen for muscle toning, body conditioning, and power recharging. These situational predicaments gave birth to the growing demand for personal trainers which provided Ivan the opportunity to utilize his capacitated knowlegeability about physical fitness.
His curiosity and concentration on physical training was expectedly ignited by his interest in baseball and martial arts when he was thirteen. Instead of being daunted by the grueling regimen and arduous activities of the sport, Ivan was even more motivated and challenged to totally embrace the art of physical fitness not only for his personal pleasure but for others to benefit from it.
As a reliably professional personal trainer, Ivan is duly certified through WITS (World Instructor Training School) which is renewable every two years. Just like music, physical activity is a stress reliever, as well, for Ivan.
“I was actually struggling at the start,” Ivan explicitly admitted. “I had to invest on all sorts of essential equipment and tools indispensable for home service: elastic bands, dumbbells, hurdles, boxing gloves, exercise mats, wireless heart rate monitor, jump rope, and many other stuff that are either costly or just of average price but the thing was, I have to literally carry them every time there was a client call. But no complaints… it is becoming a lucrative business while I enjoy what I do.”
“I always see greater results from incorporating different equipment into a well-designed and progressive exercise program and not merely relying on sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and rigid physical workouts. That I call smart investment,” Ivan added in jest with a tone of smugness ably laced with a quaint grin which mitigated any prevailing air of haughtiness that could have goaded.
Having initially launched his career as a freelance Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, California, Ivan has been lucratively in practice for five years with a growing number of clientele through referrals. Being educated and trained, knowledgeable about individualized program, a great motivator and communicator, tolerant with stirring experiences, Ivan has successfully achieved his core intention… giving his clients the precise health status to perfectly suit their preferred lifestyle.
Remember the name: Ivan Polancco, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and engineer (who, at 24, has a music career spanning 9 years), a certified Physical Fitness Guru and Personal Trainer.  It won’t be surprising if this moniker will headline marquees and billboards or have his own regular fitness TV show sooner than predicted.
Enjoying the best of both his worlds… make way for the renaissance of a new breed of a quintessential man.
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