Oktoberfest and significant October bashes

The month of October greets us with tons of excitement and brings us weeks loaded with grandiosely conceptualized events and pompously celebrated occasions that literally filled up our calendar, aside of course, from enjoying the globally celebrated Oktoberfest which originated in Germany.
Oktoberfest was established in 1810 with the marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and his bride, Princess Theresia. The event was particularly unusual because the King invited the public to attend his wedding and partake in overflowing of food and drinks. The event was celebrated every year since then not only in Germany but all over the world where there are Germans, and even without since this event is one festivity that has a lot of drinking and merry-making.
Millions of Oktoberfest fans all over the world have been waiting for this day. The Major of Munich tabbed the first barrel of beer and said the famous words: “O’ zapft is!” which traditionally marked the beginning of the world’s most famous festival.
Sunday, Oct. 7 PACCAL 20th Founding Anniversary @ Ramada Plaza Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom (1:30 PM to 6 PM.)
Armed with escalating enthusiastic energy and bursting excitement, Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc. (PACCAL) officers and members proudly greeted the day with jubilant celebration as they commemorated the 20th Founding Anniversary of the only Asian provider agency recognized by the Hudson County Department of Health and Human Services, Office On Aging.
Attended by a “full-to-the-rafters” capacity crowd, the Crystal Ballroom of the Ramada Plaza Hotel was a virtual assembly of Who’sWho in the Fil-Am community with the significant presence of Deputy Consul General Theresa Dizon-De Vega as guest speaker and Hon. Councilman Rolando Lavarro. Lavarro presented resolutions from the State of New Jersey Senate and the Office of the City Clerk of the City of Jersey City recognizing PACCAL’s 20th Founding Anniversary.
Following a tradition of recognizing outstanding Filipino-Americans in their respective fields, PACCAL chose 18 distinct awardees and crowned its first ever Anniversary Muse.
Awarded with commemorative medals and special trophies were: Dr. Baby Bleza for Excellence in Philanthropic Service, Ronald A. Cruz for Excellence in Chemical Research, Rommel Del Rosario for Excellence in Young Entrepreneurship, Rena Avendula for Excellence in the Business Profession, Ronie Lumauag Mataquel for Excellence in the Teaching Profession, Momar G. Visaya for Excellence in Media/Journalism, Joanna Kirby, Esq. for Excellence as a Young Professional, Robin Tomas for Excellence in Fashion Design, Thomas M. Tiongson for Excellence as President of Barangay of the Virgin, and Senen C. Cabalfin for Excellence in Clinical/Infection Control Innovation,
Other awardees included: Adonis “Don” Tagala for Excellence in Media/Broadcast Journalism, Dr. Oscar N. Pizarro for Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine, Nueva D. Elma as the Senior Citizen of the Year, Councilman Rolando Lavarro for Excellence in Government Service, Dr. Manuel Villafranca for Excellence in Medicine, JR Lavarro for Excellence in Performing Arts/Solo, Sounds of Manila for Excellence in Performing Arts/Group, Drs. Rod and Elma Castillo as the Parents of the Year, while young and effervescent Desiree Wisotsky was crowned PACCAL’s 20th Anniversary Muse.
One heartwarming portion of the celebration was the re-recognition and honoring of PACCAL’s past awardees with an Anniversary Commemorative Medal.
Sounds of Manila and JR Lavarro, this year’s awardees in Performing Arts, group and solo categories, respectively, effortlessly raised the roof and brought the house down with their pulsating sounds and infectious beats that is truly deserving of such recognitions!

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