On celebrating Fil-Am representation in the Trump administration

I have been elated about the recent appointments of Filipino Americans — Ninio Joseph Fetalvo as assistant press secretary, Kelly Ilagan as deputy associate director for presidential personnel, and Joyce Meyer as deputy assistant to the president and House deputy director of legislative affairs — into the administration of President Donald J. Trump. I am delighted to hear that yet another Filipino American has been nominated: Noel Francisco to the position of Solicitor General!

I applaud the administration of President Donald Trump for recognizing the capabilities of these individuals and nominating them to positions of positive influence. I am equally proud of their Filipino-American heritage. Their nominations and appointments reflect very favorably on the Filipino-American community and elevate the luster of our collective value proposition as a cultural beacon to American society.

Why punish our kin if you disagree with the president? He will just appoint another like-minded replacement who will not have a connection with our cultural values. President Trump has the prerogative to appoint and the Senate to approve. You cannot change the result of the election by blocking his political appointees, especially another Fil-Am. It’s good that President Trump recognizes the skills of Noel Francisco above everyone else and it’s even more unbelievable that those who oppose him are willing to chuck a fellow Fil-Am over their disagreement with his policies. That just proves the crab mentality we perceive in the community — worse, talangka mentality.

I join the Filipino-American community of all creeds and ideologies in congratulating Noel Francisco and wish him good luck in a successful vetting process. May he be like the tide that lifts all ships in the harbor. Mabuhay!

Noel S. Omega

Noel S. V. Omega is a business owner specializing in information technology and renewable energy development as well as a community empowerment advocate in the greater Los Angeles Area. He is the charter founder and president emeritus of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater LA. He is involved with the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) as Region 9 Chair and engages in community empowerment activities and acts as a proactive voice for various non-governmental interests in the region.

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