Making an immigration plan

Recent executive orders signed by President Trump, have sparked widespread discussion within the immigrant community. U.S. immigration laws and policy are centerstage. Much of what is being discussed within the immigrant community, although well intentioned, can often be misguided and misleading. In this current situation, having an immigration expert educate you so you can make an informed decision is of course a wise plan.
Getting the truth
The first step to peace of mind is having concrete, correct answers from someone you can trust. Immigrant communities are often characterized by a tight-knit network of people sharing information and advice with one another. While this characteristic is often a very positive thing, it can also be a source of confusion. The large shifts in immigration policy recently have resulted in case-specific questions. Instead of struggling to piece together the answers to your questions, reach out to a real immigration lawyer and set up a consultation. Speaking for even a half-hour with an immigration expert is essential for anyone affected by the recent changes to our immigration laws.
Making a plan
Once you have true and correct information regarding your case and your current and future options, it would be wise to dedicate time to meeting with your family and loved ones to make a plan. This plan can include what to do if a family member is taken into Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, and where the children would go if a parent were detained. The plan can include extended family or trusted friends who are willing and able to help with children if that ever became necessary. This can also include creating a formal guardianship, obtaining passports, having an emergency fund to pay for bond or for legal fees and memorizing important phone numbers in case you do not have access to your personal cell phone.
How do I get started today?
Many people find that once their options are clear, and once a plan is made, they experience greater peace of mind. An immigration expert can also help with knowing what specific elements should be part of a well-designed immigration plan. The first thing you should do is reach out to a reputable immigration lawyer who can help give you the concrete answers you need. Once those answers and given, and once your options are clear, meet with your family and loved ones to make a plan of action that will ensure that you and your family are safe.


Kelly S. O’Reilly is a nationally known immigration expert and former immigration officer. He is a highly sought after speaker on immigration and employment compliance issues. Mr. O’Reilly serves as the current chair of the Riverside County Bar Association Immigration section and is a partner in the full-service immigration firm of the Wilner & O’Reilly where he provides free consultations. Mr. O’Reilly can be contacted at (714) 919-8880 and he welcomes email inquiries at  

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