Learning how to fly

RIDING the airplane for the first time is perhaps the greatest luxury to enjoy. It is the time when one is not yet well-acquainted with the moment; therefore, giving a sharp and fixed focus to everything. The beauty that the outside view has to offer, the unfamiliar advanced equipment in the plane, and all other new things are not taken for granted. To add to the elation of experiencing the first time, here are some things to consider:

1. Preliminary research on what to do is an option.

Researching on the procedures before riding the plane, i.e. booking a flight, checking-in, locating the departure area, are musts. However, that is a different story. When you enter the plane, it is good that you are equipped with knowledge of the do’s and don’ts; but, all the same, it is alright if you do not because the cabin crews are presenting every instruction that is to be followed. Giving them attention is the key if one does not want to look so naïve (but come to think of it, actually looking like one is okay; anyway, YOLO, right?).

2. Listen intently to the safety measures.

It is best to earnestly listen to the flight attendants giving steps on what to do in case of emergencies. In fact, watching them demonstrating the steps is a nice sight. Surely, the beautiful faces of the flight attendants will not leave you a choice but to look at their direction.

3. Try hard not to fall asleep.

Yes, at least during take-offs and landings. The view outside is not to be missed, especially when the aircraft is still in the lower part of the troposphere where the land and water are still visible. It is the part of the earth when one can best wholly appreciate the home planet. During the day, the beauty of nature may be life-changing for some. On the other hand, the view of the city is priceless at night time! Away from the usual pollution, hustles, and bustles, the city gives a pacifying feeling.

4. Forget the experience.

Treasure the feeling but try not to remember the experience. Forgetting the experience will put one in a position in which everything is not so familiar – the key to not take for granted the next times. Who would not want to relive the excitement and elation one has felt during the first time?


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