Good health is more precious than wealth

Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA  sponsors ‘Health Forum 2017’

IT is a fact—oftentimes life’s irony—that many people utilize  most of their waking hours in pursuit of accumulating wealth while forgetting about their own health along the way.

Suddenly, a debilitating disease comes  and haunts them that causes the deterioration their body. Then, their lives are no longer in equilibrium and will never be the same. Like a disabled automobile, due to lack of regular tune-ups and necessary maintenance, the body suddenly is unable to function as it is supposed to. It will take more time, energy and treasure to make it running again. The incapacitated person then tries to work overtime, spending more time, more energy and more money to heal himself. Occasionally, the damage is irreversible and the illness may result into an untimely death.

Whenever a family member is struck with this tragedy, it brings remorse and unquantifiable regrets and a  bitter lesson that indeed “health is more precious than wealth!”

Realizing the extreme importance of health, the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA (where I am also a member of under its Projects Management Council and the Media & Publicity Committee) is starting the new year with its “Health & Wealth Forum.”

The “Health & Wealth Forum” coincides with Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA’s  general membership meeting on Sunday, February 5, 2017, at Marriott Courtyard headquarters in Cypress, California. It’s open to the public and admission is  free, with complimentary light lunch courtesy of the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA and their corporate sponsor  American Pacific Container Line, Inc.

“This is a continuing  community outreach program of PB-USA NextGen that started last year focusing on  mini-seminars on health, insurance, living trust  and Medicare, etc.   Health issues forum  is just an excellent continuation of what has been started, as Health Evolution Company portfolio has an exciting  package for health and wealth for PB-USA and the community at large,” said PB USA’s esteemed leader Eddie Ferrer when asked why a health forum was chosen as a topic in their meeting.

“Health Evolution founders, Mike ‘Iron Eagle’ Pestano  and Nicole Parker, are the featured guest speakers during the forum. They are perfect role models on better health living with an inspiring front to gain wealth on products and services  that they share with passion!”

Health Evolution is intensely focused on health-related issues  like the promotion of nutritious food and appropriate exercises.

The first speaker, Mike,  is a living proof of his advocacy  of  good health, which is within reach of every one with effective  planning, disciplined choices of proper food and exercise.

Complementing   Mike’s expertise is  Nicole Parker, who is writing the syllabus of their forthcoming online courses on “Losing Unnecessary Weight” and “Proper Dieting.”

These two speakers are worth listening to simply for their very important message as well as the factual  story they will share. Consider the background of “Iron Eagle” Mike, who was once extremely obese weighing about 300 pounds, and was diabetic  several years ago. He lacked energy and was sickly that resulted to his hospitalization for days.  From that situation, he  made up  his mind to reverse his life’s conditions.

He started a disciplined lifestyle regimen with nutrition and exercise program. He lost 35lbs.  in his first twelve weeks without starving, drugs and no surgery. He continued to lose weight and eventually lost  over 107lbs. in 16 months and have kept that weight off  permanently until now. His life story is compelling enough to inspire others undergoing the same challenges.

He and Nicole are inviting everyone to come listen to his stellar transformation and learn  techniques that enable a person  to achieve  own weight loss goals permanently. His advocacy and progressive technique is not a crashcourse program or trendy fad diet. Learn from his  over two decades of knowledge on nutrition and exercise.

To add more flavor to his inspiring story,  the other half of the forum will feature Nicole as she presents her expertise of transforming your business successfully in this digital age.

Born as an only child in  Orange County, Nicole grew up in an environment of hospitality industry  where she got excellent communication and customer service skills since her high school years.  She then enrolled at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), a design school, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

She then became a creative social media and marketing expert. She is a relentless entrepreneur who also enjoys traveling,  dancing and classical music. She hopes to help other people’s businesses.


To complement  this Health Forum 2017,   Healthy Evolution  and the Global Kalinga e-Rotary Club, where Mike and Nicole are also members, with  co-sponsors in the health related industries and interested community organizations and non-profits, like the UCI Rotaract  Clubs, PB-USA, Red Cross and hospitals sponsors  and vendors  are planning  a “Health Walkathon” in May or June at the Mile Square Park  in Fountain Valley California.

The event will start with some warm up exercises led by the Event Chair, Mike, the Walkathon, and  healthy snack and more practical tips to become a healthier person.

The organizers are  inviting  vendors and health professionals to have their products and services seen by hundreds of expected participants.

More announcements will be made on social media, flyers and in several newspapers very soon. If interested to participate,  you may contact  the Chair, Mike at his email,  or his  co-chair, GKeRotary Club founder, Ernie Delfin at  You may also contact PB-USA leaders, Eddie Ferrer @  or Bong Soriano @


Breaking news: a charter member of our GKeRotary Club, Dr. Felix Puno Lapuz, D.V. M.   has suffered a fatal heart attack on Sunday, Jan 29, less than 24 hours upon his arrival in the Philippines from Los Angeles!  Please pray for the repose of his soul.

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