Prognostications, predictions and prayers for 2017

(Part 2 of 2)

6.  A Constitutional Convention or Constitutional Assembly to amend the Constitution and make it more relevant to the needs, aspirations of the Filipino people should be held in 2017-2018.   Among them is to convert the political system into a federal form of government like the United States or Great Britain.  Doing so will accelerate the development of other regions or provinces and make the representatives of the people more accountable to the people who voted for them.

The above are some of the critical issues and concerns that may make Duterte a great president or become a big disappointment!  He still has over five years to really work very hard to make the Philippines great again.

For the world:

7.  The Vatican — while Pope Francis I has a massive moral support from Catholics all over the world — should be more aggressive to change the centuries-old-way of governance of the Church.  Significant changes to archaic or obsolete ways of doing business or protecting their “flock” who commit grievous sins (like sexual abuse and fathering children) take forever.   Churches (not only the Catholic Church, by the way) can be one of the best agents of changes in the area of social justice and the alleviation of extreme poverty.   They should not only “teach” people how to pray, but also how to live in dignity (dignity of work, the wisdom of having less children if you cannot afford to provide their basic needs, education not only for those who can afford to pay tuition, but to all who have the ability and capacity to learn).

It is very interesting to note that there are millions of impoverished people in countries where the religion is predominantly Catholic or of the Muslim faith.  This sad phenomenon should start a spirited debate among the leaders of the Catholic Church and also those who control the other church denominations. Paging the leaders of the Dominicans, the Franciscans, the Jesuits, the Augustinians, the Anglicans, Methodists, the Lutherans, Redemptorists, the Budhists and lslams, and all religions who are in the education field.   WHY is that?

8.  Population and poverty.  There is also a direct correlation between poverty and population.  It should not only be the responsibility of the church, nor the government but everybody in the community, to have some kind of formal or informal protocols to have a healthy balance of population growth that will not make people in the community or country poorer, rather, such increase in population should enrich (not just materially) the community or country.  It takes a community or a village to raise a good child to become a useful citizen to the society where he or she belongs.

How to do it?  The church, community, college, or schools and the Social welfare Agency of the country should discuss it with young men and women as a requirement to get a marriage license.  If the parents of the young child are not “married” require a Parenting Class (for the parents) before they are issued a “birth certificate” for their child.

9.  The basic right to food, shelter, clothing and health care.  All over the world, from America to Zimbabwe, (from Aparri to Zamboanga in the Philippines), there are always poor people and much fewer wealthy people.  The late publisher-columnist Max V. Soliven wrote, “God loves the poor so much that He made so many of them!”  However, there should be some ways, led by the national and provincial government to have some kind of safety net (a sort of a “petty cash system” that can be funded if necessary by an extra one percent “sales tax” for every dollar) exclusively to be used to provide the most basic needs to those who run out of luck, so that these unfortunate citizens will not die from hunger or cold while they are in the bottom of the pyramid.

10.  For all leaders, be it in government, business, church or even in NGOs or Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs), to read, learn and hopefully to try and implement attributes of Servant Leadership. For Catholics and Christians, the greatest example of a servant leader is Jesus Christ himself.  The Bible says that in His public ministry, His area of focus is always on the welfare and well being of His brothers and sisters, His “Church.

Servant Leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.  Servant leaders are the greatest needs of our world now, and we as a society must work towards towards it.  Google “Servant Leadership” and you will get dozens of good reading materials, like Robert K. Greenleaf’s writings on the subject.

May we all have a great 2017!  Let us endeavor to become not just a person of success but a person of value!

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