On a deeper note: Why people travel

Traveling has crossed the line of being a luxury to being a necessity. To some, it is in their bucket list; but, to many, it is part of their budget list. People often work hard to save money enough for them to go on a travel. Why?

1. Because YOLO is so overrated.

YOLO, they say. You Only Live Once. However, to people who travel, settling for once is unsatisfying when they know that they can live a hundred lives, walk a thousand walks, and experience a million experiences. When they travel, they get to be in a different time zone with a different culture and lifestyle.

They meet various people who can share experiences, teach lessons, and simply be friends. They may not speak the same tongue with these people, but they can walk in their shoes – because, always, there is a connection when two people, even if they originate from the two ends of the earth, reach out to each other.

A lot of first times are also experienced by them – first time to eat an exotic food, or climb a tree top, or be chased by a bull. In the end, it is pretty much the same as living a whole new different life.

2. Because of “hello” and “hello again”

When they go off to see something new, coming back home becomes a fresh experience. Traveling is the process they undergo to get new eyes so they can appreciate the beauty of the life that they have, the home that they are in.

Saying “hello” to new places is a wonderful experience; but saying “hello again” to somewhere you really belong is a worthwhile thing. Moreover, when you come back, you obtain a new glow and people from home will see you differently.

3. Because a life of “oh well” is better than a life of “what if”

People who travel often live without regrets. They stop wondering what lies beyond the corner of their boxes and start exploring the world.

They are not afraid to get disappointed and are ready to live their dreams. In the end, they get a “wow” for the places and things that exceed their expectations and an “oh well” for those that do not meet their standards. At least, they are not living a life of “what if” because in truth, not knowing the answer for that question is not like living a life at all.


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