Poll: Trump 2nd most favorable world leader for Filipinos

United States President Donald Trump is the second most favorable world leader for Filipinos next to Pope Francis, according to the Gallup International Association’s (GIA) 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey.

Results of the survey showed that 72 percent of seven out of 10 Filipinos have a “favorable” opinion on the U.S. leader, while only 23 percent viewed him negatively. Overall, Trump obtained a net score of +49 in the Philippines.

Trump, however, failed to hold a positive image worldwide after receiving a net score of -27. Poll results showed that 58 percent of the 53,769 respondents in 55 countries view Trump unfavorably, while only 31 percent viewed him positively.

In a statement, GIA noted that Trump is less favorable compared to his predecessor, former U.S. President Barack Obama.

“Two years ago, just before he left office almost three in five (59 percent) of those polled throughout 65 countries around the world held a favourable view of U.S. President Barack Obama. This year and having been in office for just over a year, President Trump does not poll so favourably,” GIA said.

It also noted that Trump is the “only political leader where a majority hold an unfavourable view of him.”

Trump, who assumed the presidency in January last year, has expressed support for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial campaign against illegal drugs, unlike Obama who had issued calls for a stop to the alleged campaign-related killings.

Trump also visited Manila last November to attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit and other related meetings.

On the other hand, Pope Francis recorded the highest level of favorability in the predominantly Catholic Philippines, having a net score +80 in the country.

Figures showed that 87 percent of Filipinos have positive opinion on the Pontiff, while only around seven percent viewed him negatively.

Pope Francis also recorded the highest level of favorability among other world leaders with a net score of +38.

Next to Pope Francis and Trump is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who earned a net score of +20 in the Philippines. According to the survey, 47 percent of Filipinos have positive view of the Russian president, while only 27 percent see him negatively.

Putin ranked third most favorable worldwide, with 47 percent favorable and 27 percent unfavorable.

“President Putin polls favourably in most regions of the world except the U.S. (14 percent) and EU-Europe (28 percent), but still higher than the 20 percent favorability for President Trump,” GIA said.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping garnered a -1 net score in the Philippines, with only 35 percent of Filipinos hold favorable view of him while 36 percent hold unfavorable view. Worldwide, Xi garnered a net score of +6.

Under the Duterte administration, the Philippines is enjoying closer ties with China after years of of apparent icy relationship due to territorial dispute in South China Sea. The Duterte administration is also forging closer ties with Russia. (AJPress)

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