Right & left sides in Feng Shui 

By Sean Shono 
In Feng Shui, it is said that a house facing a downward slope to the left brings bad luck to male family members.
The bad luck may come in the form of injury, illness, business failture or an inferior position in the family members.
On the right side of the house, it must be the place for the “Dragon,” which is superior to the “Tiger” whose place is the left side.
Also, if the right side of the entrance hall has less space than that of the left, it will make the energies of male family members weaker.
To avoid this, place the “Feng Shui dragon” on the right side to control the “Tiger.”
The “Dragon” should be facing the house inward.
**ALL Feng Shui items must be purified by the TAOIST way.

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