The opportune nascence of The Dark Necessities

The boy bands’ cultural origins was believed to have emerged back in the late 19th century with its earliest forerunner as merely an a-cappella barbershop quartet and their act evolved into a more harmonized vocalization with musical instruments aptly accompanied with doo-wop music.
The phenomenal rise of Jackson 5, The Platters, Dave Clark 5, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and many musically inclined group of teeners easily made the 60s era the melting decade of group singers with the preeminence of The Monkees who were considered the pioneers since they typified the quintessential exponent of a manufactured boy band.
The 70s and the 80s saw the exceptional surfacing of Puerto Rican boys, Menudo, the New Edition, New Kids on the Block, and numerous mushrooming groups while the 90s ushered in Boyz II Men, BackStreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Westlife, Michael Learns to Rock, and a roster of promising hopefuls that instantaneously faded to oblivion as instantly as they first hogged the spotlights.
The millennium empowered the resurgence of even more boy bands, this time much more versed with the public’s musical demands while copiously outfitted with the latest technological gears and dynamism like One Direction, The Jonas Brothers, and a lot more.
While the global music industry incessantly provides more attention-grabbing talents, music enthusiasts relentlessly thirst for fresh faces with stimulating sounds and unsullied acts.
Incidentally, the inevitable rendezvous of four east coast-based music geniuses seemed to be the most-awaited answer to the said quest that could herald the dawning of a new group. All four guys had been either former component of other rock bands or still currently affiliated with other groups but in search of wide-ranging opportunities that will explore their dexterity and proficiency to the hilt.
It was uncomplicated and easy for Zakk Dubois, Sandy Buenconsejo, Ryan Clark, and Mark Doria to unanimously single out ‘The Dark Necessities” (TDN) as their band’s label since they have a common denominator: every one is a rocker and avid follower of the 1983-incepted American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers or simply RHCP. Dark Necessities, incidentally, was the first single from their 11th album, The Getaway, which occupied the top slot on the Alternative Songs Chart.
It will be recalled that RHCP catapulted to stardom via their top billboard chart hits “Under The Bridge” (1991) became one of the defining alternative rock songs of the 1990s, “Californication” (1999), “Can’t Stop” (2002), and “Otherside” (1999), just to name a few.
Just like the song’s meaning, Zakk, Sandy, Ryan, and Mark has had each own private quandary that hurled them into the dark but their incessant instinctive creativeness enabled them to see beauty in such burden-laden state. Inspiration profusely gushed during that trying situation and resulted to a valuable conclusion. RHCP’s Dark Necessities is indeed a fitting brand name for this group of  hard-driven musicians.
The Dark Necessities up close and personal
Ryan J. Clark – Vocalist (Anthony Kiedis counterpart)
This Arian (born April 5) from Freehold, New Jersey possesses a perfect interracial fusion of Irish, Italian, and German bloods with long brown thick curls that easily compliment his hazel eyes on a well-chiseled face. Muscular yet lean, Ryan’s 170-pound weight is proportionally distributed in his 5’10 frame.
A self-taught guitarist and a passionate poet and songwriter, Ryan stanchly confronted the world’s challenge at an early age having had to work as a cashier in a franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at age 14 while simultaneously perfecting his skills on guitar and working out on his vocals.
Ryan enrolled at Rutgers University New Brunswick following his graduation from Toms River High School South and currently employed as a bartender at Bahama Breeze and Grille without abandoning his zealous passion for music. His sensitive nature, coupled with his propensity to writing poetry, unmistakably creates an edge-point to being a good band vocalist.
His burgeoning music career slowly showed signs of prominence after performing in hometown cafés and bars until the opportunities to play at the Jersey Shore Music Fest, Elephants for Autism Music Fest, and Angie’s Ball more than offered him the indefinable self-confidence to take immense leaps and explore greater heights to achieve what he truly aspires for.
“I want to improve my proficiency in guitar and the drums but with concrete concentration on my vocals to be at least at par with Anthony Kiedis. I believe so much in the potential of this group, The Dark Necessities. Hopefully, we make it soon!”
Sandy A. Buenconsejo – Lead Guitarist (TDN’s answer to RHCP’s Josh Klinghoffer)
The 2nd child among 4 siblings and a typical Scorpion (born November 9), Sandy has a Political Science degree from Colegio de San Juan de Letran neatly tucked under his sleeves with a strong obsession to music and performing.
Back in the Philippines, Sandy was already adept with band performances having joined and collaborated with a number of Manila-based vocal groups and booked at the city’s well-attended concert venues like Arts Venue, Kampo, Tabu Bar, Sounds Stage, among others.
One of the pioneering organizers of The Dark Necessities, Sandy’s talent isn’t just confined to playing lead guitar since he’s an all-around band player. He could do bass guitar, piano, keyboards, alto saxophone, and even the ulelele. In his capacity as the group leader, he can’t afford to lose a gig just because a member isn’t available… he could easily fit in if such mishap happens.
Sandy’s more than 2 decades in the field made it possible for him to be equipped with a wide range of unconventional guitar effects which effectually complimented the vocals and the thematic elements of the rendition as well as the rest of the instruments.
“I have so much belief in this group…a hundred percent! After having experienced playing with different bands in the Philippines and here in the US, the euphoria I feel for our new group is something different. Give us a little more time and we’ll prove our worth,” he shared.
Zakk A. Dubois – Drummer (the Chad Smith of TDN)
Another multiracial TDN member is Zakk who has French, Irish, Lebanese, Hungarian, and Polish blood running in his veins that indubitably molded him into one multi-faceted musician. An Aquarian, (born February 6) Freehold, NJ-born but Nashville, Tennessee-raised, Zakk’s diverse musical knowlegeability and wide range performing experiences more than made up for what he might be short of.
He started toying the drums and guitar strings at the tender age of 12 and owned his first set at 15. His musician father greatly influenced the soon-to-rise musician with motivational persuasion courtesy of his namesake Zakk Wilde, Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist.
As if his musical adrenalin wasn’t enough to keep him full of zip, Zakk is also into soccer, hockey, baseball, and other related sports while simultaneously performing with his first band, The Edge of Beyond.
Zakk is inherently loquacious and profound and could assiduously converse for hours… with sense!  Gifted with a keen and retentive memory, he impressively enumerated all his gigs in chronological order that commenced back in Nashville with 6 gigs from 2005 to 2008; then 3 gigs in New Jersey in 2013 with Sick Mind Band;7 gigs in PA, NJ, MN and IL in 2015 with Legacy Band and Station Band; 8 gigs in 2016 in NJ and NY with the Brand of Julez; and early this year in NJ and NY with The Dark Necessities.
Aside from “steering the moment” with his perfected skills on drums, Zakk can also be relegated to play bass guitar, key boards, and do vocals.
His enthusiasm for drums gave him the paramount ability to communicate with the song…igniting his adrenalin flow to generate stupefaction that empowered his dynamics, endurance, timing, and control.
His unparalleled passion for his music is exceptional. “It’s tough to be a musician… it’s personal and emotional. I pour out my heart and soul in my every performance. I cannot just fake what I do…it’s got to be with passion…giving all of me…!I live by the day…and leave everything to my God for He knows what’s best for me!”
Mark G. Doria – Bass Guitarist (TDN’s dead-ringer to RHCP’s Flea)
Mark’s persona is unmistakably hip and stylish while his flexible deportment easily gave away his natural flair for band music. A veteran of more than 20 bands, Mark’s introduction to the world of music was through his father, a Metallica die-hard fan, who used to occasionally play guitarist to Freddie Aguilar.
At age 10, young Mark was already familiar with the infectious Metallica sound that ignited his curiosity and developed his passion for guitars. Initially it was just plain guitar ingenuity sans focus on specific type and category not until he became interested in doing bass.
Just like RHCP’s original bass player, Flea, Mark’s self-taught style sounds totally unique after long months of unwearyingly perfecting his craft under extreme pressure and unwavering fortitude that resulted to a skillful finger-picking, flawlessly smooth slapping, and effortless groovy techniques that he applies during gigs.
The low-key, self-taught TDN bass guitarist currently works as a supervisor cook at Gateway Cake Center in Elktown, New Jersey while occupied with prospective bookings and conceptualizing better marketing options for the group.
“I have nothing on my mind but only for the success of our band. Actually, my target is for our group to have at least a regular gig or two every month and side bookings on weekends. Not because I’m a part of them but modesty aside, this is the best assemblage of multi- talented band members…what we need is only one big break and we’re made,” he said.
Catch The Dark Necessities during their live performance at D’ Haven on Friday, June 23 at 8:00 PM when they justly prove credence as Red Hot Chili Peppers’ local counterpart.
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