Before the waters rise again—Measure T will get San Jose ready

William Street Flood

Measure T, on the Nov. 6 ballot, would put $650 million into upgrading San Jose’s aging infrastructure that puts our communities at risk. Many of our bridges and overpasses are old and deteriorating, and at risk of collapse in earthquake. Two of our City’s re stations are falling apart and one of them is at risk of sliding into a nearby creek. Last year we saw how many of our neighborhoods were vulnerable to flooding. We can’t prevent natural disasters, but we can do more to protect ourselves by passing Measure T.

Measure T will make us all safer by:
•Replace deteriorating, earthquake-vulnerable bridges
•Upgrade 911 communications facilities to improve emergency response
•Upgrade emergency operations centers

•Reduce flooding by rebuilding parts of our 70-year-old stormwater system
•Preserve natural open space that protects against flooding during heavy rains
•Fix potholes and repave roads to prevent accidents

•Rebuild police training facilities and repair crumbling fire stations


San Jose Rock Springs at Needles Dr. and Welch Ave.


Paid for by Safer San Jose, Yes on Measure T, supported by Mayor Sam Liccardo Committee Major Funding from Kieu Hoang MCK Services


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