Push for Entrepreneurship” will be celebrated during induction gala

ON the eve of welcoming a new president and a new board for 2018-2019, a revolutionary upheaval of the cultural mindset will be officially launched by the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles (FACC-GLA).
The “Push for Entrepreneurship” movement is the brainchild of incoming President Ellen Samson, a multi-awarded and self-made entrepreneur herself, CEO of American Geriatric Care Management, a company she built from the ground up.
Ms. Samson declares “In our younger years, we were told by our parents to go to school to be good nurses, employees, CPAs, and doctors. We did, and we became excellent in our chosen field.”
“But ask yourself…was there any instance you were told to go to school to become a good entrepreneur? In our culture, we were not encouraged to go into business and take risks.”
Motivated by this bold new movement, the FACC-GLA aims to deliver higher quality projects as it cultivates, connects and empowers businesses through its many networking events and member workshops, including B2B Trade missions and symposiums with the City of Los Angeles.
The “Push for Entrepreneurship” also includes reaching out to the youth, starting students young and orienting them to the nuts and bolts of running a business.
Rallying for the entrepreneurship movement is a vibrant and energetic team of officers and board of directors. Elected 1st Vice President for Membership Relations is Lois Klavir, who has an accomplished career in Commercial Banking. Vice President for Events is Angelo Varsobia, who has two companies rapidly growing in the Property Management and Preservation Services, and Homecare Services.
Now taking the reigns as treasurer is former two-time FACC-GLA President Gerry Palon, who is a financial services manager of a Fortune 500 Company. Secretary is Connie Mapue, a Financial Educator and Licensed Life and Health Marketing Director.
Longtime members make up the rest of the Board, namely Roy and Vangie Tabberah who worked in banking and healthcare, respectively. Vangie has been a member of the FACC-GLA for 11 years and has served in various positions. Visual Arts Entrepreneur Vivian Lim has been an active member for over five years. Businesswoman and FACCGLA President Emeritus 2013 Mary Ann Omega also currently serves on the Board.
Other members of the incoming Board are Gemma Bergstrom (Medical Secretary, Finance and Quality Assurance), Doreen Remo (Yoga and Pilates Instructor), Tess Somera (RN with businesses in on-line marketing and merchandising), Mary Trinidad (Managing Partner in Promotional Products Company) and Annie Nepomuceno (Music Services, performer and producer).
On March 3 at 6 p.m., the FACC-GLA community converges for its gala and induction in an 80s-themed party dubbed “Together in Electric Dreams” at the Versailles Ballroom of the Olympic Collection (11301 W Olympic Blvd, corner Sawtelle).
Those interested in learning more about being a member of the FACC-GLA can visit www.faccgla.org for more information. Please visit the Events link to purchase tickets to the March 3 gala event.

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