[COLUMN] Insurance companies taking advantage of you

IT is no secret that the insurance industry wants claimants to be unrepresented in order to take advantage of them with lowball settlement offers and unfair denials of liability.

For example, in nationwide class-action litigation, former Allstate employees testified that they were “trained to build rapport with customers and discourage them from hiring lawyers.”

This practice of the insurance companies was and still is happening in the insurance industry.

According to a noted insurance whistleblower, adjusters at Farmers Insurance were “taught how to dissuade people from hiring a lawyer in the first place, “were evaluated annually for this talent,” and “whenever adjusters allowed claimants to retain an attorney, they had to fill out a form to explain to supervisors how they let it happen.” (Heckman, Candace; Low ball offers nothing new in insurance industry.)

While insurance companies treat an unrepresented litigant /claimant differently in practice, the law holds unrepresented litigants/claimants to have equal rights under the law, and an equal right for their settlement demands.

Do not trust insurance companies, even your own insurance company. Do not let the insurance companies take advantage of you with their unfair practices. After an accident, do not provide them with a statement that they can use against you, have your lawyer be present so you are not taken advantage of.

At the Law Offices of Tavakoli & Associates, we DO NOT allow insurance companies to take advantage of you!

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If you have further questions, an experienced Injury Lawyer at the Law Offices of Tavakoli & Associates will be able to help you navigate the issues and provide you with the aggressive representation you need and deserve.

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Atty. Payam Tavakoli

Payam Tavakoli is an attorney in Los Angeles practicing civil ligation. As a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, American Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and State Bar of California litigation section, he has personally handled and litigated hundreds of cases in California courts (state and federal), including pre-trial settlements as well as jury trials and court trials. His firm consists of staff and associates dedicated to several departments such as personal injury. His personal interest, knowledge, and involvement in the field allow him to be active, yet selective, in representing a qualified number of cases. For more information, please visit http://tavakolilaw.com.

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