Lombard by The Bay: Where your new home also opens opportunities

For Susan Gross-Niedermeyer, a realtor in Phoenix, Arizona since 1989, there is no better place to be a resident, tourist, pilgrim, visitor, or investor than at Lombard By The Bay.

“Lombard By The Bay is in Montemaria where natural beauty is beyond compare,” she answered when asked why she bought a penthouse unit with the property development.
“It’s the perfect place to connect with God through prayers.  It’s a holy ground where the mother of love peace and joy appeared to Emma De Guzman, a Filipina visionary and mystic every year on September 8 and December 8!”

With this statement, Gross-Niedermeyer excitedly shared that people should see the miraculous photo taken by a pilgrim in 2016, as well as an image of the dancing sun taken in 2017.

Gross-Niedermeyer also added that, “There are countless of benefits of owning a unit at Lombard By The Bay. Aside from its perfect location, Lombard By The Bay is gated and secure. It is also going to have its own state-of-the-art clubhouse that includes a fitness center, spa, swimming pool, restaurants, and gift shop.”

With its many amenities, Lombard By The Bay aims to provide the most fulfilling experience for its residents and guests.  It is a two-hour drive from Manila situated on a plateau overlooking the Verde Island Passage, which is considered the center of marine biodiversity of the world. It is also in close proximity to the tallest statue of Virgin Mary, Mother of All Asia, towering at 317 ft.

“I would recommend Lombard By The Bay for many reasons. Whether you’re a pilgrim, resident, tourist, or investor, you simply cannot go wrong [with this investment],” Gross-Niedermeyer said. “Lombard By The Bay is a sure winner; most units have the view of the Batangas bay, and cost between $50,000 to $80,000 which can be rented out for $50 to $70 a night.”

She continued that Montemaria was also just added to the list of ‘Must See’ in the Philippine Department of Tourism project called Love of Country.  The project will have its much-anticipated road tour in the U.S. starting in April to promote the project. “On June 3, 2018, there will be a float with a 6-foot replica of Mother of All Asia Monte Maria in New York City during the annual Philippine Independence Day parade sponsored by 200 organizations belonging to the Phil. Independence Day council,” she said.

The 2.1-hectare development is a joint venture between Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate and Development, Inc. and Omnicor Industrial Estate & Realty Center, Inc.

Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate and Development believes in the economic development of the Philippines and caters to the needs of developers and buyers looking to expand their property and investment portfolio. Premier Asia Pacific’s mission is to reconnect overseas Filipinos back their roots by offering a complete package of real estate investment services in the Motherland.

To get more information about the project, you may call Susan Gross-Niedermeyer at (480) 227-7782 or email at susan@susangrossrealtor.com.

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