Art, musical event takes place at iconic Yamashiro Hollywood

Some of the works of art as conceptualized and executed by digital artist Errol Mendoza.

IN 1911, when the Bernheimer brothers built Yamashiro with a hundred Japanese craftsmen to replicate a palace located at the Yamashiro province mountains near Kyoto Japan, they had the vision of housing priceless collection of Asian treasures and artifacts for enjoyment of the general public.

It was indeed a window to reimagine the colorful and rich gems of the past so that people will appreciate love and understand the Asian legacy of the past.

Today, Yamashiro stands to be an iconic and historic place, visited by countless tourists and residents alike.

Yamashiro Hollywood has become a Los Angeles restaurant that captures the imagination of diners and a symbol of cuisine excellence.

In keeping up with the rich historical past of Yamashiro Hollywood, a unique art and musical event called “Hope, High on a Hill in Hollywood” will unfold among the residents of the city of Los Angeles.

As the title suggests the theme “hope” is the underlying purpose of the soirée – Hope for all our dreams and aspirations for a better world and for the only planet we live in called Earth.

The resurgence of the visual arts as well as the performing arts, after the catastrophic pandemic that made the entire entertainment world into a standstill, remains to be a powerful testament of the human spirit as encapsulated by the art/dinner/musical soirée.

On June 11, Saturday at 6 p.m. different artists headlined by digital artist Errol C Mendoza with guest photographer Craig Cardwell will exhibit their respective collections to the public.

Errol C Mendoza art has been hailed by art lovers and enthusiasts. Filipino art critic, Cid Reyes, the doyen of Philippine art criticism says of Mendoza’s art: “The engine that would drive Mendoza’s composition was a conflation of motion, movement, dynamics, rhythmic pattern, flux, flow, fluidity, unrest… Yet all these would be tempered by the grace of lyricism and a high-spirited playfulness.”

Critic Reyes further says that “Mendoza music-inspired works are marvels of fragmentation, shards of planes that are themselves thrown into rhythmic syncopation.”

Craig Cardwell, as a guest artist and photographer, will display his personal collection of rare art photographs which is in line with the Duchampian thinking: “I’m an artist, therefore what I say is art, is art.”

World renowned and popular jazz musician Eduardo “Tateng” Katindig will once more amaze the audience with his unique brand of jazz music in the music segment of the event.

An added feature of the program includes the participation of award-winning rapper/singer and composer, C-Tru.

Soloists, who have reached their talent in voice with varying degrees of success among music aficionados in the Los Angeles region, will interpret popular Broadway, pop opera, opera and film songs. Singers include Filipino tenor Sal Malaki with American tenor Todd Strange and baritone Adviel Gonzales. Joining them will be mezzo-soprano Erin Alford, soprano Courtney Taylor and coloratura soprano Anna-Lisa Hackett, first prize winner of the Southwest Voice Competition.

Songs from Broadway and the opera will be featured like “Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Miserables,” “West Side Story,” “Man of La Mancha,” “Carmen,” “Turandot”, “La Traviata,” as well as from the movies like “The Greatest Showman” and “The Mission” promises to enthrall the audience.

Assisting artist at the piano will be Maestro John Massaro, principal conductor of the Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra and Artistic Director/principal conductor and co-founder of the Phoenix Metropolitan Opera.

Gail Dubnium, former mezzo- soprano of the Metropolitan Opera and creative director of the Phoenix Metropolitan Opera will be joining popular Filipino TV host Kat Iniba and Nate Calima.

A raffle of different limited digital art on canvas with or without acrylic or oil embellishment as well South Sea Pearls will be awarded to winners who hold tickets for the unique event.

The One Heart Movement, a 501(c) 3 and a non-profit organization is a special recipient of a percentage of sales of the artworks during the event.

For ticket availability and reservations, send an email to the at or by texting 818 -583 7717.

Doors at Yamashiro Hollywood open at 5 p.m. and the art exhibition begins at 6 p.m.

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