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LAS VEGAS — Last weekend on Saturday, October 12, the Asian Community Development Council (ACDC) hosted a second Kamayan Feast at Bropards (Dance Starz Cafe). This was a free event, and many members of the Filipino and Filipino American community in Las Vegas were invited to build new relationships and connections with one another. Through food and a traditional Filipino dinner setting, “Kamayan”, the people ate with their hands and  shared their stories, experiences, and struggles as Filipinos and Filipino Americans.

Melody Judilla, Program Manager for Silver State Voices, also spoke to the people about the census and the importance of being counted next year.  The Kamayan Feast attendees were also informed of the free services that ACDC offers and that the organization is here to assist them with their needs.  ACDC plans to host more community dinners with different Asian ethnic groups in the future.

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