Tasting the flavors of Taiwan at 99 Ranch Market

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Organized by 99 Ranch Market, sponsored by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Bureau of Foreign Trade, “Fantastic Flavors of Taiwan-2019 99 Ranch Market Taiwan Food Festival” officially kicked off on October 12. 

This special promotion runs until October 27 for three consecutive weekends in Southern California, Nevada, Texas, New Jersey, and Maryland stores. Customers will enjoy a variety of new and authentic Taiwanese food at the best prices! 

Taiwan has always been known to have some of the best food in the world. Every year, a plentiful amount of high-quality, diverse products and flavors emerge in the marketplace. From local foods, refreshing desserts, beverages, casual snacks to delicious noodles, successfully highlights the essence and charm of Taiwanese food culture. The Taiwan Food Festival brings together many outstanding Taiwanese brands and an exclusive variety of popular products, showcasing one of a kind Taiwanese authentic flavors. 

2019 Taiwan Food Festival features products includes ZUANG mung bean (Green Diamond) and is  known to be one of the most authentic Taiwanese-style ice pop. Made with a traditional recipe, it preserves the naturally-sweet flavor with the plump and firm texture of mung beans. Kimbo Grass jelly and ai-yu jelly are two of Taiwan’s famous summer desserts, which are ultra juicy and fulfilling. Taiwanese pineapple cake and suncake are world famous desserts – a tourist’s favorite baked delicacies all year round. Mizuho and Sunbooth are the two must-try brands for these delightful confectionary. Don’t miss the classic Kuang Chuan Tea Time Milk Tea, Heysong Sarsaparilla Drink and Vitalon Supao Sports Drink among other countless classic products. 

Dry noodles and Taiwanese pancakes are the two key items that has generated big buzz in the markets recently. We offer two popular celebrity brands Chia Yi Shi Ri and Kiki with many unique flavors paired with premium noodles. Uncle Onion carefully selects local, high-quality ingredients to bring the most original Taiwanese flavors. It has become one of the go-to Chinese pancake brands around the world. The 2019 Taiwan Food Festival offers various Taiwanese specialties, allowing customers to enjoy authentic Taiwanese cuisine. 

99 Ranch hosted an on-site promotional event at its location in Rowland Heights, where customers enjoyed food samples, including Greenmax cereal, Wu-Mu spicy noodles, Ve Wong porridge, Ko-La-Ko pea crackers, Jane-Jane prepared shredded squid, Chimei buns, among others. Guests also enjoyed live performances from traditional drummers and an aboriginal Taiwanese dance group. For more information, please refer to the official page: https://www.99ranch.com/2019-taiwan-food-festival.

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