Disney in search of a Filipina ‘lola’ for upcoming movie

Photo courtesy of Disney

AMERICAN media giant Disney is looking for a Filipina or Filipina American actress to play the role of a “lola” (grandmother) for an upcoming film.

In its casting call currently up on Project Casting, the mass media company said it is searching for 50 to 90-year-old Filipina or Filipina American females who can speak English fluently. They must also be willing to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, where the film is shooting.

“Katie Doyle Casting, Hawaii is assisting Sarah Finn Casting (‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) in looking for an actress to play a role in an upcoming Walt Disney Studios film,” read the casting call.

“No professional acting experience is required, but the applicant must speak English fluently and be comfortable traveling on a plane to Atlanta. They also should be currently authorized to work in the United States (either a U.S. citizen, a green card holder, or an O-1 visa holder),” it added.

Interested applicants are required to record a short introduction video about themselves, sharing a story about their family or their favorite activity, delivered in Tagalog or in any Filipino language. However, applicants must speak in English when introducing themselves.

The role will be shooting for a few days in mid-February in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.

“We are committed to diverse, inclusive and authentic casting. We highly encourage performers who are Filipino or of Filipino descent to apply,” the call said.

While the upcoming film is undisclosed, Project Casting speculated that the role is for the upcoming Marvel movie “Spider-Man 3,” which is reportedly filming and casting in Atlanta.

  1. I would like to submit a video of myself for this part . I am 55 years old- I am half Filipina and half European. Born in the Philippines and raised in California. Please advise how I can apply? I current work for a Law firm in Walnut Creek, Ca. I have 5 kids Ages beteeen 23- 36 and I am a Lola to 4 grandchildren ages between 6 – 12. My name is Anne Adham, I am on Instagram as itsanniea

  2. My name is Connie Horca and I am half Filipina and half German/Irish. Ma runog ko tagalog, kunti lang. Lima ang akin apo. My apo are ages 14, 4,3, 2 and 4 months old. I am interested in sending a video. You may reach me at cphorca@gmail.com.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. I am a lola to 5 beautiful boys and 1 granddaughter. I am half Filipina and German/Irish, speak English fluently and some Tagalog. I am very interested and can take time off from work to film in Atlanta. Please let me know where I can submit my video.
    Maraming Salamat.

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