Filipino-American Association of Fair Lawn (FAAFL)

FILIPINO-American Association of Fair Lawn (FAAFL) is a registered NJ Charity and tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that is “committed to community.”


Primary mission

To serve and advance the interest and welfare of Filipino American

The FAAFL Credo

Our Credo, as the Filipino-American Association of Fair Lawn (FAAFL), is embodied in our logo.

On the surface, the FAAFL logo design depicts, in a clever and subtle way, the initials of our Association. However, on a more substantive level, it profoundly symbolizes our philosophy and ideals, with graphics that are simple and spare. The richness of its meaning emanates, not from multiple elements in the design, but from the multi-dimensional character of a singular design.

At first glance, our logo projects the impression of a community: people and the homes in which they live. On another dimension, the image of a family comes to life: parents, and their two children. On yet another dimension, the portrayal of a linkage of people with upraised arms, suggests pride, unity and solidarity – visions and values our Association seeks to forge among its membership.

The motto “COMMITTED TO COMMUNITY” attempts to verbally supplement and articulate the message of the graphics. We pledge to be a community, in its fullest communal and Christian meaning. And, we vow to serve the community, delineating the sphere of our involvement.

Taken together, our Association’s name, logo, and motto define both our IDENTITY and our MISSION: We are Filipino-American families, proud of our heritage, and committed to act as one, in service of the community where we live.

2011 Officers and Board of Trustees

Steve Parrado – President
Julie Cabiaza – Vice President, Internal Affairs
Gerry Quinto – Vice President, External Affairs
Hermie Vogel – Secretary
Starry Chua – Treasurer
Jun Macaraeg – Auditor
Theresa Marie Dee – Assistant Secretary
Carmie DeMerchant – PRO
Eleanor Quinto – Trustee
Eddie Aranias – Trustee
Joseph Tieng – Trustee

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