[OPINION] A majority of Americans support Biden’s infrastructure plan. But why are Republicans blocking it?

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POLL after poll reveals that a majority of the American people, about 6 out of 10, want the Infrastructure Plan proposed by President Joe Biden to come to fruition.

The plan will create jobs that will expand the middle class and help the United States become more competitive in the 21st century, and yet why are the Republicans not heeding the will of their constituents and the majority of the American people?

According to the reporting of CBS News in April, which reflects the same results among other polls nationwide: “58% approve of the administration’s infrastructure proposal. This includes 90% of Democrats and a 57%-majority of independents, but only 19% of Republicans. People of color approve of the plan in large numbers, while White Americans are split fairly evenly, divided by partisanship and ideology.”

The overwhelming support for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan amid the pandemic gives hope of a better, brighter and stronger America because Americans know and believe that what it aims to accomplish will help make their lives better, and will not just benefit the billionaires and millionaires and rich corporate America.

“Americans broadly approve of Congress passing bills to fund a variety of types of infrastructure spending. At least 3 in 4 approve of spending additional federal money on five areas of investment, when asked generally without Biden’s name or either party attached. Most popular is building or repairing American roads and bridges (87%), the report revealed.

“Close behind that are replacing or repairing water pipes (85%) and providing more home care for the elderly (83%), followed by installing broadband internet in rural areas (78%) and building public schools (73%). Each of these items finds majority approval among Democrats, independents and Republicans alike,” the CBS News report stated.

The plan will also build more rail lines as the United States of America — supposedly the richest and most powerful country in the world — is lagging behind Japan, Europe, and other progressive countries. It also aims to set up electric car charging stations, provide internet access to rural America that will empower them with access to information. These are also supported by closer to six in 10 Americans.

How do we pay for the $ 2 trillion Infrastructure Plan? By raising revenues, and implementing an equitable way to do it — asking the powerful billionaires and millionaires and corporate America to pay their equitable share.

“To pay for infrastructure, most Americans would favor raising taxes on both large corporations and people making over $400,000 annually — seven in 10 each. Both of these measures find support among approximately half of Republicans, as well as large majorities of Democrats and independents. By contrast, only four in 10 Americans would support raising taxes specifically on people who use roads and bridges more,” CBS News reported.

And yet, the Republican Party continues to obstruct the plans, not so much because of the cost of the plan because they had been willing to splurge, at taxpayers’ money, Trump’s lavish lifestyle, provide support for manufacturing guns and war weapons and warfare against people of color around the world, and give handouts and bailouts to the richest and most powerful demographics of America — who are mostly their most generous campaign donors.

But why, oh why, are they not worried and mindful of our deficit when their agenda caters to the interests of the richest and most powerful people, lobbyists and corporations? Yet, they are so fiscally conservative and frugal in investing in ordinary hardworking Americans?

It is about time this ends as this inequitable system just makes the richest richer and the poor poorer in America, a country founded on the principle that all men are created equal. The Constitution is clear that the government is of the people, by the people, for the people, and it is time we, the People, reclaim that power.

Call, email, and bang on the doors of your senators and representatives to remind them of their Constitutional duties to look after you and defend your interests.

If these Republicans in Congress remain remiss in fulfilling their Constitutional duty to us, the People they vowed to serve, let President Joe Biden and the Democrats and Independents in Congress forego the goal of bipartisanship, break the gridlock in any way legally possible.


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Gel Santos Relos

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