Commentary by Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen

This election means more than any other in our lifetimes.

We’ve seen what four years of madness from the White House has inflicted: An increase in hate crimes toward the AAPI community; Kowtowing to dictators around the world; Racism over the origins of COVID-19 that paints our community with a broad brush of hate; The gleeful delight in using odious terms like “Kung Flu” and “China Virus.”

It’s all so disappointing to see, and its origins come from one man: Donald Trump.
But we can change that. It starts with sending a good person to the White House to replace him.

Nevada needs the decency and humility of Vice President Joe Biden. We’ve seen what he’s done for us in the past and we know what he can do in the next four years.

As Barack Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden helped lead us through the 2008 foreclosure crisis and oversaw the distribution of funds from the Recovery Act, guiding billions of dollars to Nevada when we were most in need. In that process, he opened his heart and listened to communities in need. We need that sort of care and compassion now more than ever.

A clear example of Vice President Biden’s leadership was bringing Kamala Harris onto the ticket. When it came to selecting a running mate, Joe Biden listened to Senator Harris’ passionate calls for social justice and the need for true reform. Harris’ presence on the presidential ticket elevates the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrant parents who reflect the values of American success — that no matter your original homeland, you and your children can go on to do great things in this country. She is truly one of our own.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the candidates for our community. They have an agenda for our AAPI communities that will take on this pandemic ravaging both our physical and economic well-being, make public college more accessible and affordable, improve the quality of health care, and increase AAPI voices and representation in government.

They listen. They don’t blame others. They don’t disparage those who disagree with them. They bring empathy to everything they do.

So how do we get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House? By voting!

You can’t waste your chance to vote this year. We’re living in the midst of a pandemic Donald Trump has grossly mishandled, and an economy struggling because of coronavirus — the stakes are too high for our AAPI community to sit this election out.

This year, most voters in Nevada will receive a ballot through the mail. Go to to make sure you are registered and will receive your ballot and update, register, or re-register if necessary. Ballots will start arriving in mailboxes in early October.

Voting by mail is a convenient way to vote. In fact, many of your friends and neighbors are planning to vote by mail this year.

There are three ways to vote in Nevada: (1) returning your ballot by mail, (2) dropping your ballot off at a dropbox location near where you live or work, or (3) voting in-person during early voting or on Election Day.

Whether you fill out your ballot at the kitchen table with your family or on Zoom call with your friends, it’s important to make a plan.

How you vote is your choice. But no matter how you vote this year, do it early.

If you have any questions about the process of voting this year, visit or call (888) 525-8683.

Since 2018, Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen has represented Nevada’s Assembly District 10.

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