I am Raji Rab and my name is on the June 5, 2018 ballot for the U.S. House of Representatives. I am a seasoned aviator, an educator and an entrepreneur, but above all, I am a humanitarian. My life has been blessed with accomplishments and selfless endeavors.

Professionally at the age of 18, I got my commercial pilot license from La Verne, California. Thereafter I became a flight instructor, chief pilot, owned and operated a flight school, an airline and a computer infrastructure facility. Personally, I have served a lifetime, finding happiness in helping people without any compensation, which I believe is the best natural qualification to run for any political office.

With the last 18 years of my life fully dedicated to helping diversified communities, I collectively cherish an eventful experience of over 35 years, possessing a sharp judgment of a security conscious aviator with an innovative approach of a space-age operative. I have a son and a daughter. My son graduated from USC Keck School of Medicine and is as a doctor. My daughter graduated from Cal State University, Northridge and serves at a mental health agency, helping the homeless.

In view of worsening living conditions, homelessness on the rise, no advancement, no new jobs, no accountability and no leadership, I couldn’t stand on the sidelines, I entered the political arena and have taken leadership. I felt my humanitarian duty to step up, protect fundamental rights, restore safety of women at work, take strict measures in our congressional office so that the shocking accusations of sexual misconduct that has come to light within the administration is never repeated. There is no excuse for sexual harassment which displays total failure of leadership in addition to years of downgraded conditions and economic hardship in California’s 30th congressional district.

I am not a typical politician. Helping diversified communities over the years, I have earned the respect of all, seen through motivated community volunteers supporting my campaign promotion and events.

Upon being elected, I will be there for you, making life easy for all. Unlike special interest groups, my loyalties shall remain resolute towards public interest forever. I give due appreciation to the wealthy and heartiest support to the less fortunate.

Time’s up for excuses as the dignity of life in our district matters and I am asking for your vote. I will work with all sides for a full clean up of the devastating Santa Susana nuclear contamination in our district causing health hazards for so many years. I will address the national security and terrorism issues with realistic policies and friendly international relations to jointly defeat crimes against humanity. I will add better-paying jobs, promote small businesses, remove burdensome regulations, offer VA better choices, ease student debt and remove harsh penalties. I will protect the environment, encourage visionary prospects, ease health care, Medi-Cal, Medicare and social security. I will address water safety, advance energy issues, bring large business to help small business and work to reduce the federal debt. I stand to compete in goodness, protect constitutional rights and secure health, happiness, and prosperity for all. I support values of peace, fairness, equality to lead everyone especially our youth to a successful future.

My dear fellow Americans, it’s time to vote and your vote matters. Please go to www.lavote.net and register to vote by mail. Your ballot will come in the mail, you can fill in the ballot and mail it back. Please participate in this honorable cause. Pass my message, join my effort and make history.

Vote for me, to rise above all discriminating factors of race, color, gender and religion as one for all and all for one. Vote for me if you support the #TimesUp and #Metoo movements, as it is a vote against the sexual harassment. Vote for me for debt-free education, better jobs, better healthcare and peaceful relief. Vote for me if you want a Good Samaritan in Congress, because I see us all as fellow Americans and I am committed to set a far better future for our seniors, our children and for us all. Now you have a solemn duty to vote for the same or to vote for a change. Change is necessary because I care and I will serve you better.

Thank you.

* * *
Raji Rab is a candidate running for California’s 30th Congressional District.

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