You have a right to affordable and high quality health care

AS the Chair of the California State Assembly Health Committee, I believe that affordable, accessible, and high quality health care coverage is a right, not a privilege. Having true access to a doctor when you need one can improve, extend, and even save one’s life.
California’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act brought us closer than ever to providing health care coverage to all, but many of us still need to take the critical step and sign up for coverage through Covered California. I am happy to let you know that there’s still time to enroll before the January 31, 2016 deadline.
Applying through Covered California is simple, fast, and confidential.
Visit today to review the costs and benefits of each plan and find the health care coverage that fits your needs and budget and works best for you and your family. Covered California helps individuals determine whether they are eligible for premium assistance that is available on a sliding-scale basis to reduce insurance costs or whether they are eligible for low-cost or no-cost Medi-Cal.
Covered California partners with immigration advocacy groups to ensure consumers that their information will never be used to enforce federal immigration laws. So I want all Californians to rest assured that the personal information you submit, including your immigration status, is strictly confidential and will never be used against you.
Regardless of the plan you choose, you will have benefits that will take care of most of your healthcare needs. In addition, your plan will include free preventive services to stay ahead of big health risks, such as blood pressure and cholesterol screenings for adults, mammograms and cervical cancer screening for women, and common vaccinations for children.
This year, Covered California has made it even easier for you to apply. The Covered California website is now available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. There are thousands of Covered California representatives available to provide free, confidential, in-person assistance in a variety of languages, as well as drop-in storefront retail locations offering convenient service.
Please take advantage of this important opportunity to care for yourself and your families. Remember! Open enrollment for 2016 began on November 1st and will continue  through January 31, 2016. Contact my office at (510) 286-1670 or visit if you need assistance. For additional free, confidential, in-person help in your area, visit or call (800) 300-1506.

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