Stargazer: Filipina aura reader, clairvoyant, psychic medium on helping individuals reach their potential 

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“Since I was a young child, I was kind of different,” Stargazer — her chosen professional name — begins narrating how she realized her “gift.”

Her gift? The ability to look at individuals by tapping into their auras, energies, and vibrations and then telling them who they are; and also serving as a channel between the spiritual and physical worlds.

“Different in the sense that I would talk to people but it’s like talking without saying much or not verbalizing anything,” she continues. “I could feel a person or I could read their mind as early as when I was a small child. I would say things ahead of what the other person would say.”

Early on in this interview, however, Stargazer makes it clear that she is not a fortune teller —  she doesn’t need to rely on a crystal ball or cards to tell the story— nor does she embody a modern day version of God.

Rather, she refers to herself as an aura reader, clairvoyant and psychic medium who uses readings to help individuals move forward by clearing negative blocks and achieve their potential.

“Life coaching from a different perspective,” she says. “The goal is to boost prosperity, good luck, good health and harmony.”

She also emphasizes her faith in God as a practicing Catholic and that her readings are not meant to alter or interfere with the higher being.

“I bring them closer to God because I have proof that the negative spirits are afraid of God. When you see them, why is it that exorcism prayers work? When you drive them away, when you bombard them with the white light, they go away. It’s because they acknowledge the presence of God. It’s not a man-made thing that it’s my power. There’s no such thing as your power. You still have to hold onto God,” she says, explaining the power of prayers.

When she speaks, it is softly and sensitively, pausing at times to let the recipient soak her readings in. Though she bares the “truth,” she does not pour out everything she sees in a person, as she believes certain things will reveal themselves at the right times.

“I don’t want people dependent on me. There are people who seek my guidance. But when they become too dependent on me, I stay away. I let you make your decisions. I tell you what is right, I give you the guidelines. I clear your energies and that’s it. Now you make your decisions because you have to make your choices because what your choices are, you answer for your own karma. But if ever there are some things that are negative, I may help you. If you do it with [the] sincerity in your heart and if you’re made to really fight negative spirits and clear energies, then do it.”

Training the gift

There are many instances during her elementary school years wherein she would have encounters with spirits. One such story was during a field trip in the fourth grade at a park when she noticed a female classmate foaming at the mouth and mumbling incoherently before falling. 

“For whatever reason, I put my left hand over her head and said, ‘Mama Mary, Papa Jesus, please help her.’ And she fell,” Stargazer recounts. “One of the [nuns] saw and thought that I pushed the girl and I was sent to the principal’s office. My grandmother was called…and was not surprised because she knew as a child, she knew I was special and she didn’t say anything because the sister thought that I pushed the girl and that’s why she fell. When the girl was interviewed, she said, ‘No she didn’t.’ Because we were playing and she was on the other side of the aviary. She was on the other side [when] we were doing peekaboo and I just approached her because I saw something different… in [her] eyes.”

Another time, Stargazer stayed late at school because she was tasked with summarizing the news on a blackboard. She says when she left the classroom, she saw a man standing in the hallway. “I thought he was walking to me but he was floating towards me so…he wasn’t walking. Then I saw the red eyes. I ran because I didn’t know what to do. I was a young kid.”

She could spend hours sharing these anecdotes. She later mentions how her grandmother knew and understood the gifts.

“I remember [them] vividly even if I was young because these are memories that matter,” she notes, mentioning that she tried to forget about her experiences when she entered high school.

It wasn’t until her first year at Ateneo De Manila University as a communication arts major  when she started to develop her gifts. She entered college at 15 after skipping a few grades.

One afternoon, she was walking with four books in tow (each about Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and Islam) when a man approached her, causing her to drop the books.

The man was the late Jaime Bulatao — a Jesuit priest and chair of the university’s psychology department at the time, known on campus as “Father Bu” — who picked up the books and introduced himself, grabbing her hand. (He passed away in 2015 at the age of 92 and is considered one of the fathers of Philippine psychology.)

“He was touching my hand in a very weird way. He was trying to rub the middle of my palm. He said, ‘Do you want to develop your third eye?’ I said, ‘Oh, should I develop it?” And he said, ‘It’s up to you.’”

Still hesitant about the offer to train with him, another encounter with Father Bu guided her decision.

“When my friends and I would walk going toward our classrooms, we would see him talking [and] standing in front of a tree. He was saying something and we would approach him and ask him, ‘Father, what’s there? What you see?’ ‘Oh, there’s a white lady here.’ And me being clairvoyant, I could see the white lady. All the while, I thought there [actually] was a lady. She was seated on the tree. I thought it was really odd,” Stargazer narrates, describing how she can “see” spirits as actual humans, translucent figures, outlines, or energies.

But to her, this “white lady” looked like an ordinary student sitting on the tree. “With this, the more the priest reminded me to come to him and be guided,” she recalls.

Her lessons with Father Bu began with profiling then delved into mental sending and receiving messages, and remote viewing — the practice of detailing objects or scenes that are far away.

“He taught me how to zero in on certain things and see the anomalies. What is wrong? And because from afar you can see what kind of energies are there,” Stargazer says. “When you are doing a remote viewing, you would also be seeing energies if there are spirits there. So you would see beings of light [and] beings of darkness going around.”

Though she didn’t see him frequently, she would be given “assignments” to practice for a month or so before she would report back to him. With these lessons, Father Bu was able to identify her areas of expertise and strengthen them. He even taught her how to communicate with comatose patients.

“My forte is really remote viewing, talking to spirits. He told me when you talk to spirits, confirm whether that person or that spirit you’re talking to is the real spirit. Because there’s what you call doppelgängers. They pretend they’re your loved ones but they’re not. They’re evil spirits. Because sometimes they lure you, especially the young children — they lure the children like going down the stairs and there might be accidents. Usually when there are doppelgängers, there are accidents,” she explains.

How does one distinguish a real spirit from a doppelgänger (an apparition or double of a living person)? She simply states that when loved ones show themselves to you, it’s accompanied with a message, whereas a doppelgänger will just “walk with no message.”

“The spirit just tries to imitate somebody else because probably that person or that spirit is playing a trick on you or means harm to you. But you know a lot of people would ask, ‘Somebody saw a doppelgänger of me, am I going to die?’ No, that’s not it,” she continues.

She also considers telekinesis — the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power — one of her specialities. During one lesson, she recalls moving a ball 1 1/2 inches. 

“That was a good thing about not having technology, learning to communicate with your mind,” she says. “I can read minds but the thing is I also do not like to read minds because it’s like an invasion of privacy.”

With the years of training, Stargazer says she has been able to switch the mind reading on and off, especially at social gatherings.

“Before, I could not. I could always feel what the person feels like you can empathize with a person and I can feel. I had to contain it. I had to control it because otherwise I would always be affected,” she says. “But as I grew older and I went on, I learned how to shut [it] off when there’s a party. It’s also why it’s so hard to invite me for a party because sometimes I get so dizzy with a lot of energies.”

To recuperate her own energy after being in public or reading clients one after another, Stargazer turns to the outside, by inhaling fresh air, touching a tree or spending a few days out of town to “cleanse” and be in nature.

“One of the things that I do regularly is pray and go to church. Churches that are far, I don’t go to just the church nearby. I see to it that I go to Batangas or to Laguna. I go far places because it’s part of, you know, for me when you do sacrifice and when I pray, I make sure I pray for everyone else. So it’s like recharging but when you pray, you pray for others. So if people have requests or I know there are people that I’m handling, I pray for them so that I see to it that once a month, I go out.”

Return to the calling 

Though she trained with Father Bu while in college, after graduating, she took up a year-long course at the Philippine School of Interior Design and immediately didn’t turn her innate gift into a profession.

“I just wanted to be normal in the Philippines,” she says. “I said that I was going to turn away from the gift because I want a normal family.”

She spent a few years working with a real estate development and construction firm, where she could identify and advise the head boss on “good projects.” Then she joined her family’s telecommunications business, focusing on getting permits to build cell towers.

“I said, ‘Where am I going? Why is it that I’m being brought back to practicing this [gift]?’” She says. “But you see one thing I realized is, okay, maybe God allowed me to for a short time to have [three] children and a husband.”

“Many people would come and they would ask for help until I didn’t want to be acknowledged. I didn’t want to be in public,” she says of coming forward with her skills. In 1993, she was interviewed on “Teysi ng Tahanan,” a daily morning talk show on ABS-CBN, about her ability, but she had her identity hidden.

Nearly a decade later, TV personality Amy Perez approached Stargazer to be a guest on “Diretsahan,” a show on Channel 5.

“It was spirit questing. It was a house that we went to where there are spirits and everything. It was the first time I showed myself on TV,” she recalls.

From there, she has appeared on various talk and investigative shows on both ABS-CBN and GMA, like “Imbestigador” “Rated K,” “Magandang Umaga Pilipinas,” and “Kris TV.” Since 2007, she has hosted a two-hour program from 1 to 3 a.m. on Sunday mornings, called “Pinoy Vibes,” on Filipino radio station DZMM.

Though primarily based in the Philippines, she gives individual readings and lectures on the paranormal across the globe, including Australia and the United States. There have been some scenarios wherei n she would be asked to piece together unsolved crimes, read mysterious deaths or unfinished business with spirits.

Stargazer is asked, “Why do certain things happen to us?”

“On the plane once, I was having a conversation with a healing priest and he told me, ‘Star, it is not true that God gives us challenges. God loves us. God gives us good things. But why do we have challenges? These are products of what we did,’” she recounts.

“He said, ‘When you say you have cancer, it can be that it’s your lifestyle, the food you eat, if you smoke, if you’re not healthy. But there’s another thing also, it’s genetics.’ It’s very rare that other spirits would cause you harm but then you know, spirits also can do you harm but probably cancer. They would give you certain sicknesses or diseases but not cancer. Or it’s more of what we did in the past. That’s why when you say past life, it’s what we did in the past but it’s also very sensitive when we talk about real past lives. Like generations ago or whatever in another year, you were a princess before, that’s a different school of thought.”

“You don’t blame anyone. You don’t blame God. For one thing, never blame God,” she remarks.

What does karma mean to Stargazer?

“Since Catholicism does not talk about past lives, what I do believe in, let’s talk about the present… But let’s focus on what karma really is, karma simply is the scientific law of cause and effect. Karma, in Sanskrit, simply says your actions will have specific reactions. In the Bible, it says ‘what you sow, you shall reap’ and even the golden rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ I have this book that is written by Mother Teresa. It says, the karma thing is also seen in Islam and Buddhism, in Taoism, in all schools of thought. It’s simply energies that you put out will be the energies that will come back. It’s like a boomerang when you throw the bullet, it definitely goes back,” she says.

However, when that action comes back, she continues, “Why is it that when it comes back, it’s in threefold? Because energy when you throw, remember it has momentum… and when it comes back…it has tripled its force because of the scientific law. That’s why you have to be careful.”

Intentions and the energies behind actions and thoughts are meaningful, Stargazer adds.

“That’s why you say you’re blessed, it’s because when you give out even a small thing, it comes back to you. Many people will now be helping you out. That is why it is very important that you watch out for your intentions and your actions. If you intend to do [something] to a person, it will always come back to you.”

“So for me, karma is simply even your thoughts can cause karma. If I plan something bad against you, I’m already sending negative energies to you. Sometimes you can’t help it when you’re angry. That’s why it’s helpful when you’re angry, walk away. Before I was kind of confrontational. I have learned now that I will just step away, move back, turn my back against you and we’ll talk some other time because I am afraid of what I say might cause some negativity towards you. Because since I am that trained to focus my energies, I’m so afraid to be angry,” she says.

There’s a quote by Wolfgang Riebe that says, “Everyone is gifted, but some people just don’t know how to open their package.”

That statement is along the lines of what Stargazer believes —  that everyone does have a gift and extra sensory perception.

“It’s just that people do not recognize it because sometimes they’re too objective, they are too closed. They’re not open. Their minds are too cluttered,” she says. “Their minds are too obsessed with other things but if you get to see beyond…Sometimes when we pray, some things come to our mind [and] it gives you answers. That’s why meditation is very important. When you meditate and you remove the clutter in your mind, that’s when things become clear and you know.”

With the demonization of psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, and the like, Stargazer wants to dispel those notions and warn individuals before they seek out a reading.

“How would you know if a psychic is fake? They would fish out information from you. I had so many experiences. Of course, I will try other psychics in Sedona, they would fish out certain things,” she says. “But a good psychic will also focus on the positive to help you out. Just beware of people. There are also good people that would focus on someone dying in your family or someone getting sick. Those are the negative things — they’re easier to feel than the positive. For me, I warn people of the negative because I know that they can do something about it. I want to prevent. I don’t want to scare.”

Christina M. Oriel

Christina M. Oriel is an award-winning editor and communications strategist based in Los Angeles with experience in content, strategy and branding for media ecosystems, inclusive fintech startups, small businesses and direct-to-consumer products.

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