Leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel answers your immigration questions via Zoom on a brand-new “social distancing” edition of Citizen Pinoy

Under the new “normal” in the time of the pandemic, Citizen Pinoy continues its public service by providing relevant information and updates on immigration. On the first episode of “Your Tanong, My Sagot: Social Distancing Style,” Atty. Gurfinkel answers questions from Kapamilya in New Jersey, Guam, and California. Find out if an employer of an assisted living facility can petition someone in the U.S. with a tourist visa; or if the petition for a child with Down Syndrome can be expedited; or if the USCIS will excuse green card holders who are out of the country for over six months due to the pandemic.

Get answers to these and more on a brand-new episode of CITIZEN PINOY: Your Tanong, My Sagot – Social Distancing Style this Sunday, August 2 at 6:15 pm PST/EST (9:15 pm EST thru select Cable/Satellite providers).

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