‘The issues of visas and domicile,’ this Sunday, Oct. 10 on Citizen Pinoy

DADDY’S GIRLS FINALLY GET THEIR VISAS, THIS SUNDAY ON CITIZEN PINOY. Cathlene (extreme left) and Corinne (2nd from left) were petitioned by their U.S. citizen father while he was living in the Philippines in 2017. By law, a petitioner must be “domiciled” or living in the U.S. in order for family members to be issued immigrant visas. Since the father was still residing in the Philippines, the Embassy refused to issue the daughters’ visas. Their mother, Malou, (2nd from right) consulted with the office of leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel (extreme right) to help establish the petitioner’s domicile in the U.S. and have the children’s visas issued. 

TO petition one’s family members to come to the U.S., the petitioner must prove they are living (or domiciled) in the U.S.

In this episode, U.S. citizen father, Cesar, petitioned his daughters, Corinne (2nd from left) and Cathlene (extreme left). However, he was living in the Philippines when his daughters’ visas became available.

The U.S. Embassy refused/denied the visas on “public charge” grounds because a petitioner must always submit an affidavit of support, and to do so, the petitioner must be domiciled in the U.S.

The family retained leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel to prove the petitioner’s U.S. domicile and to overcome the public charge refusal. Atty. Gurfinkel and his team were able to convince the Embassy to issue the children’s visas.

Watch this success story on a brand-new episode of “Citizen Pinoy” this Sunday, October 10 on its new time at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET thru select Cable/Satellite providers), right after TV Patrol Linggo. Citizen Pinoy is also available on iWantTFC. Viewers may download the app for free.

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Atty. Michael Gurfinkel

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