Lessons learned: Family should always come first on a brand-new episode of Citizen Pinoy!

NANAY Rosita left her children in 1984 to find greener pastures in the U.S. She took various jobs while she was TnT, until she finally got her green card in 1994. She then was able to petition her younger children, but was unable to bring her older daughter, Apet, to the U.S, as she had already aged out.

Apet was devastated and kept asking her mother when she can follow, to start working on the petition for her. But work kept Nanay Rosita busy, so she kept postponing.

Finally, after much prodding from Apet, Nanay Rosita reached out to leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel and retained him in 2005. However, Nanay was not able to fill out the necessary forms and send in the required documents because she was busy juggling two jobs until 2007 when she finally filed the petition.

Meanwhile, Apet was getting anxious through the years, and in 2017 when it was getting close to her priority date, she joined a Facebook ® chat group that where people were giving her advice, and she even wrote the National Visa Center without consulting with the Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel whom they have retained as their legal counsel.

Atty. Gurfinkel emphasizes that nothing is more important than family and he reiterates that, “There’s always an excuse not to do something, but when it comes to your family, forget the excuses and do something. See an attorney who can evaluate the case and see what the options are.” Watch how the Law Offices of Michael Gurfinkel was able to reunite the family on a brand-new episode of CITIZEN PINOY – this Sunday 6:15 pm PST/EST (9:15 pm EST thru select Cable/Satellite providers).

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