After the Petitioner died, three Humanitarian Revalidation requests were denied

TATAY Samuel petitioned his eldest child, Ismael, in 1996. However, Tatay Samuel died in 2014, and his petition “died” with him.

This devastated the Pulido family and they did not know what to do next. Ester, Ismael’s sister, promised their parents that she would do whatever it takes to get their eldest brother to join the rest of the siblings and their families in the U.S. So, she set off on finding the best way to get Ismael to the U.S.

People around Ester kept saying that Atty. Gurfinkel was expensive, so Ester went to two other lawyers, paid them good money, but all she got were denials. Both lawyers gave up and said they could do nothing since the petitioner already passed away. Ester then took matters in her own hand and filed on her own. Again, she was denied. She even sought help from a congressman, to no avail.

Finally, Ester took a chance and went to consult with leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel. While he would not “guarantee” success or results, Atty. Gurfinkel and his team worked hard to file for a fourth time a convincing package and presentation for humanitarian reinstatement.

About a year later, the Pulido family finally received the news they have been waiting for all this time: APPROVED!. See how Atty. Gurfinkel helped Ester fulfill her promise to their parents and bring Ismael and his wife, Glen (2nd from left), to the U.S. on a brand-new episode of CITIZEN PINOY – on Sunday at 6:15 pm (PST) on TFC.

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