At the heart of every presscon is a message told well, transformed into some meaningful and productive experience. It becomes a story.

On a recent Thursday, the spotlight was on VG Wellness and on its brilliant co-founders: Dr. Michael Cruz, who is a surgeon, a colonel in the US Army and a former Senator from Guam; and Mr. Noy Famisaran , a renowned physical therapist and an authority and guru in the MLM Industry.

The duo came swathed in a light summer jacket with no fanfare.  They were extraordinarily polite and extremely intelligent, responding to media questions with almost sancrosant values. They radiated an old world elegance, and old school patrician traditional demeanor.

The presscon was more of a fellowship — it wasn’t going to be a cauldron of serious discussion, but a means to know more about VG Wellness and the people behind it.

We already know that it is an innovative California-based company whose goal is simple and honest: to bring optimum health and wellness to the whole of the United States.

It is aiming to become and may very well be on the road to becoming a prime mover in this $200-billion health industry, which is projected to grow into astounding heights.

The VG Wellness first anniversary and the launching of its new Product (Graviola/Guyabano) will be held on Saturday, August 3, at the Radisson Suite Hotel.

Leaders and teambuilders will gather for fellowship and to discuss networking: how this opportunity for wealth and nest egg has benefited them, and of course, that big pie in heaven for everyone who is interested to become healthy, stay healthy and augment resources.

These are not underdeveloped products that lack health issues.  VG Wellness has all the answers: the call for innovation, backed by many documented testimonies, strong recent results from people who benefited from VG Wellness innovative products called “VG7,”  nutritious vegetables in the world, even fromampalaya, siling labuyo, saluyot, camote and carnica papaya.

With its second powerful product, Gaviola or Guyabano is now in the market, too.

The VG Wellness team provides unique and invaluable skills that the company needs to continue to grow, innovate and lead.

Every now and then, a product comes along that launches its own genres.

From experience, Dr. Cruz, has accompanied many as they discovered in themselves an unexpected strength — a courage beyond what they would have thought possible. They believed on the purpose  of a cure, even if many things are beyond curing. Healing is highly individual.

As the presscon flourished into a fellowship, Messrs. Dr. Michael Cruz, and Mr. Noy Famisaran were suddenly everybody’s buddies, as they listened attentively and replied to questions in a simple but insightful manner. Truthfulness is worth something, but credibility is everything.

There were two notable ladies at the presscon: Mrs. Michelle Famisaran was such a gracious presence. The media was struck by her ever present smile and warmth. Her level of grace and consistency is just as exceptional.

For Ms. Norma Jean Eustaquio, it was a genuine sacrifice of time and energy, and the very traits it nourished:her patience, compassion and self-discipline that draws teammates (myself included).

For their media partner, the Philippine Press Photographers (PPP-USA), their ability to connect with virtually anyone was remarkable.

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