Asian Americans #MakeNoiseToday through social movement

#MakeNoiseToday launches a social movement encouraging Asians to stand up, stand out, and speak up. The COVID-19 crisis has propagated a surge in racism and attacks toward Asian Americans and now is the time to organize and stand together.

This May, multicultural communications agency Intertrend is tapping its inhouse nonprofit Creative Class Collective to honor Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by kicking off #MakeNoiseToday to combat racism and hate through the power of authentic storytelling and social good. With a partnership with Good Morning of Portland, the organizations have collaborated on this historic social media campaign to elevate the celebration of Asian stories and accomplishments meant to create empathy, educate, and unify.

The stories shared by Asian Americans from all walks of life through #MakeNoiseToday are anything but one dimensional. Each story builds an economy of narrative plenitude and informs the public at large on the rich texture of Asian American history, culture and identity.

”When Asian Americans take our individual or collective stories out of the silo, we strengthen the discourse that is so needed at this moment to fight back against the rise of xenophobia and racial attacks against Asians,” said Julia Huang, President of Creative Class Collective and Intertrend Communications. “Making Noise Today is just one way of encouraging Asians to speak up and be heard.”

#MakeNoiseToday kicks off with the ‘Recipe for Change’ social media campaign, including videos, posts, and live sessions with familiar faces such as jeffstaple, Aerica Shimizu Banks, Hudson Yang, AJ Rafael, and dozens more. This campaign aims to defy typical stereotypes while highlighting the impact Asian Americans have made today and throughout history.

Creative Class Collective, Good Morning and Intertrend are encouraging anyone who would like to show support for #MakeNoiseToday to join the movement by creating a post and tagging it with the #MakeNoiseToday hashtag and or follow along on Instagram.

To learn more visit #MakeNoiseToday on Instagram: @makenoisetoday or visit for more information.

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