Team Philippines shines at World Championships of Performing Arts 2022

THE World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) also known as the only World Talent Olympics celebrated its 25th year anniversary last July 22 to 30, 2022 in Anaheim, California. Team Philippines was represented by 60 junior and senior delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They were chosen through auditions at SM Supermalls all over the country. To further qualify, they needed to undergo several briefings, work shops and bootcamps and complete overall requirements for WCOPA International. Team Philippines competed in Singing, Dancing, Modeling, Instrumentals, Acting and Variety Arts.

Gerry Mercado, the Philippines’ National Director was awarded 1st Place for the National Directors, the Extraordinary National Director Award beating over 65 countries. #2 goes to Thailand and #3 to South Africa. Mercado has topped the national director’s award for over 5 consecutive years now and in 2019 was awarded the Diamond status, the only country or national director who has been conferred the Diamond status since WCOPA’s inception in 1997.

WCOPA Team Philippines 2022 is still the team to beat with a total of 266 Awards and Medals! 38 Gold, 59 Silver, 85 Bronze, 44 Semi-Finalist Medals, 8 Finalist Medals, 1 Scholarship, 29 Division Winner Plaques, the 1st Place Award for Extraordinary National Director, and 2nd Place Best in National Costume!

GRAND FINALIST OF TEAM PHILIPPINES 2022. Picture of Finalist with Gerry Mercado, National Director for Team Philippines. Junior Models: Elisha Caramel Vilvar and Gianino Sarita; Junior Instrumentalist: Cristiana Agarap. Senior Models: Rozennie Tameta. Senior Intrumentals: John Lorenzo Centinales; Senior Vocal Group: AMC Trinity

Team Philippines 2022

NCR 1 & 2

  • Renz Carlo Valera Tividad
  • Rafaello Floresta Canedo
  • Cella Clarize Dela Cruz Bondame
  • Andrei Babe Quinto Ong
  • Maria Lara Esperanza Lopez Lara
  • Mikaela Pauleen Austria Logdat
  • Chamiel Bevy Angela Noli Logdat
  • Anahbea Balingit Detosil
  • Reiziel Vanessa Epino Abdon
  • Bryan Alipio Martin
  • Anne Dominique Teves Manlangit
  • Jhon Clyd Gonzaga Talili
  • Pepito Jr Bagood Comanda
  • Rafael Antonio Calaguian Canillas
  • Ezekiel De Guzman Sevilla
  • Christelle Villaflor Tiquis
  • Marlou Maribao Flores
  • Yeoj Santos
  • Michael John Alvarez
  • Teijawn Gabriel Dugenia Mercado
  • Gianino Sarita
  • Alyssa Mae Ramos
  • Blaire Agatha Liwanag
Long haired male model Teijawn Gabriel Mercado wowed judges with his exotic Filipino look when he strutted the catwalk at the 25th WCOPA. Teijawn is 16 yr.old and 6 ft. tall. He won Bronze for Formal and Swimwear, Silver for Casual and Gold for Photo Modelling. Teijawn wore designs by Raphael Gonzales, a celebrated designer in the Philippines and trained by Model Director Larry Asistin and Rodin Gilbert Flores of KF Camp.


  • Leoniso Simbajon
  • Patricia Kaye Lumahang

North Luzon

  • Edgardo Jr. Sefil Castañeda
  • Heather Lindsay Chu
  • Zachia Xanthe De Guzman
  • Raniella Kei Bato Guevara
  • France Nikko Nucum Nasal
  • Nichole Alexandra Pantig Panganiban
  • Sophia Madaya Samonte
  • Lovely Ann Dimla Vallejo
  • Jefferson Coronado

South Luzon

  • Miguel Gabriel Adalia
  • Christiana Rose Agarap
  • Alfredo Camelon
  • John Lorenzo Ramiro
  • Anjo Sarnate
BEST NATIONAL COSTUME PICTURE. Team Philippines at WCOPA wins 2nd Place for Best National Costume. 60 delegates from Team Philippines WCOPA wore the Philippines Heritage National Costumes from the different tribes of Mindanao this 2022 namely Tausug, Yakan, Maranao and Magindanao. All costumes were provided by Randy Carlos Guevara of Sindaw Philippines Performing Arts Guild. AJPress photos by Andy Tecson/courtesy of Team Philippines

Region 9, 10, 12

  • Mary Ashley Entrina
  • Eunice Cez Encarnada
  • Glenn Balite
  • Adonis Asid
  • Clarise Rabino


  • Jay-Ar Nicolas
  • Larry Santiago
  • Kayla Melyn Arellano
  • Lara Dianne Lee


  • Angeli Camille Herbolario Guadalupe (AMC Trinity)
  • Ma. Emma Luisa Amarante Hubag (AMC Trinity)
  • Addie Faye Gallenero Pajar (AMC Trinity)
  • Coleen Mae Cadorna Dumol
  • Dan Edrian Huervana Sarmiento
  • Rozennie Zane Bautista Tameta
  • Maybelle Silverio Villan
  • Eirene Nathalie Dalida Dela Cruz
  • Rapunzel Angelie Abrahan Malalis
  • Sheena Mae Patricio Olimba
  • Elisha Caramel Sorongon Vilvar
  • Cheree Elizabeth Gumalo

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