A FEW Ilocanos together gathered one Tuesday night, around six until over just before midnight, while the hardcore stayed up till 2 am. The spirit of Ilocandia joined us that night as medicinally ingesting cognac, to keep our feet warm as we yearn for that Marcos Era of hope and redemption, universal acceptance and recognition.

We were inspired to top one another with story after story of such days of freedom fighting and fun making. Ilocanos revered the late President Ferdinand Marcos because he was quite simply a great man, because of his courage, his integrity, love of country and his legacy.

BBM-USA Chair Ferandico Gonong  Jr. led the movement from then on.

In a calmer light of day, it occurred to us, brethren and sistren in this trade that indeed, our  beloved Sen. Bongbong Marcos can start a career, any career. There is not the slightest difficulty getting started. Everyone wants him, his name is Marcos.

The disadvantages are equally remarkable—people expect a lot from him; in fact, too much. He must be good because if he is not, he takes umbrage. If he is good, people take it for granted, whether it’s his credit or due to his name, whether he succeeds or not—it’s because of his inherited surname.

You only have to look at his everyday load: what the senator has done and accomplished to know how proud of him his supporters are.

Now, who is Chairman Fernandico Gonong Jr.? We already know that he founded the BBM-USA with his own fortune. Why are sterling things said about him? Why did he choose to start  the little suppressed flames into a conflagration about Sen. Bongbong’s plans and goal? What made him choose and lead the Fil-Ams here in the US at a time when politics not only has already reared its ugly head but is now blood sport?

“Senator Marcos has spent a lifetime in and around politics. Frankly, he burns with ambition—yearning to make his mark. He never behaved selfishly to do so,” said Gonong.

“Many men with ambition are willing to step on and even trample over others in their climb, but Sen. Marcos never did that! He had great ambition, but he never wronged anyone in order to get ahead. We love him most, for what he hated: injustice, bigotry, pompously, snobbery and hypocrisy.”

BBM-USA Chairman Gonong’s motto: Do right and risk the consequences.

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