There is no arguing that Washington is one of the world’s most powerful city.  But  amidst its power,  no one is immune to the spell of the city’s beauty, magnificent monuments, world-class museums, ornate bridges, and lush verdant parks.

A gallery pass could entitle one to marvel at the histrionics of long winded senators railroading a pork barrel project through Congress, or the brimstone politicians debating topics.   These are the ones that incite the constant tension arising from the polarity of powerful people and ideas (it used to be to do something, now it is to be someone) the public thrives at night, as a light burns or the Capital’s dome, if Congress is in session.

For this year’s presidential campaign combat, what else is new?

In front of a watching nation, the compelling political repertoire opens Pandora’s boxes.  The multiple plots, minute by minute drama of the camera-savvy players.  Being genial and civilized onscreen has gradually vanished into a world of obscenities, big money and bad manners.  It’s the survival of the fittest in this year’s election campaign, with all the character assassinations going on.

As a veteran spectator from an extremely politicized country before I defected to the United States, I’ve realized that nothing much has changed.  The surge of the interest in the personalities of the presidential candidate shad migrated into the very air we breathe, full of tired insinuations and blatant, unapologetic approbation.  The grand quest for the US Presidency send  aspirants dancing on pin heads.  Politics, it is said is rarely a gentleman’s game.

Running for president is like running for your own life, almost any help is welcome.  Once they find themselves in the midst of a campaign, it is guaranteed to bring out the worst in men.  nobody was ever in control of anything that is coming.  However, campaigning was hard work that every candidate had to go through to get to the noble business of governing.

It is a show, and a good one at that.  What a tasty political flap, we have to munch on.  I’d recommend it for everyone, regardless of political persuasion, especially those who enjoy vintage American politics.

That the entire show is carefully orchestrated for television is just one of the facts of contemporary life. The television ads are bad enough —  good Lord, have mercy on the poor old truth.  Character is the issue.  Character, one supposes, comprises both principle and integrity.

I have no fearless forecast but some people keep asking me what is the mood of Filipino-American voters? How are they feeling?

But to a pinched, stressed, war-weary nation, the aspirant who offers the clearest program, might probably win in the end.

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