Chicken Inasal at home with Manila Inasal’s Salu-Salo Box

Filipinos love chicken, just look at all the restaurants and fast food places around the country selling fried or grilled chicken and you’ll see the big picture.

Inasal is one of the more popular ways of grilling meat and are no longer just a Bacolod thing as inasal outlets have sprouted nationwide.

Who could resist a mouth-watering meal of freshly-grilled chicken inasal doused in a spicy calamansi and soy sauce concoction or the traditional inasal oil?

Now, when cravings attack, you can now enjoy this Filipino feast at home with Manila Inasal’s Inasal Salu-Salo Box available in Chicken, Pork, Bangus, and Tuna.

Manila Inasal is a new food concept from Chef Natalia Moran (of Boracay’s Sunny Side Cafe and Spicebird, and other food concepts such as Pizza Express, Granivore, Your Local by the Tasteless Food Group). Chef Natalia has been thinking of putting up her own Inasal place for some years now. The opportunity came during this pandemic and she, together with her siblings, took a leap of faith and started Manila Inasal.

As the chef behind some of the more famous restaurants in Manila and Boracay, Chef Natalia is in charge of the entire business but more importantly handles the marinade and sauces used for their grilled meats as well as all kitchen operations. Natalia’s siblings who are both in the construction and real estate business joined her in this new food business venture, adding to their budding empire. Her brother Enrique, who is is GM and COO of all their family businesses, also oversees general operations and finance for Manila Inasal. While their architect sister Bella, is in charge of social media and online orders, coordinating with the riders for home delivery.

The chef has created packages where an entire family (or a small group of friends) can enjoy different delicious inasal creations by the box, giving options for chicken, pork belly, tofu, tuna or even angus (milkfish).

Manila Inasal’s salu-salo trays can feed up to five people, with a variety of options including inasal pork belly slabs and tuna belly. Sure, you can cook your own rice but you can also order garlic rice (with that trademark inasal oil drizzled on top) along with your box.

Every Inasal Salu-Salo box comes with their original inasal sauce, along with a serving of green chili sauce and ensaladang talong.

Manila Inasal’s chicken inasal, served butterflied (or spatchcock style), retains its natural juices when grilled, which is why it is tender and juicy. They also have mouth watering desserts available – chocolate caramel cake, frozen mango flan, and frozen banoffee to match the Inasals!

For information, call Manila Inasal at +63998-998-1987 or visit @SarapManilaInasal on Facebook and Instagram.

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