[RECIPE] Chicken Macaroni

THE American touch to the Filipino celebratory noodles is this Chicken Macaroni salad. Its richness comes from the dressing, the combination of mayonnaise, condensed milk, and cheddar cheese. Raisins and pineapple not only add color but also contribute sweet and tangy flavors.


1 pack PAGASA Elbow Macaroni
¼ lb skinless chicken; cut into strips
2½ cups Best Foods Real Mayo
2 cups carrots
1 medium size onion
¼ cup Jans Sweet Cow Condensed Milk
½ cup Kraft Cheddar Cheese Easy Open Can
1 can PAMANA Pineapple Slices; drained
1 pack Sunmaid Raisins Bag
1 stick celery (optional)


1. Bring onion and chicken to a boil. Cook thoroughly. Cut into strips.
2. Cook elbow macaroni. Follow the cooking instructions on the packaging.
3. Use the boiled water in Elbow Macaroni to blanch the carrots.
4. Mix together condensed milk and elbow macaroni while still warm.
5. Let the macaroni pasta cool down before adding mayo.
6. Add PAMANA Pineapple Slices (cut into cubes), chicken, celery and carrots. Mix well. Serve.

This recipe is provided courtesy of Seafood City. Visit their Facebook Page or http://www.seafoodcity.com for more recipes. If you have any recipes that you would like to share with Asian Journal readers, please send email to editor@asianjournalinc.com or info@asianjournalinc.com, and include a photo of your dish.

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