THE Fil-Am community, characteristically controlled by men, is  highly-motivated by independent women. They pursue common goods and interests over coffee or meals, largely conceived, created, produced events. Call it female power.

Their paths frequently intersect and overlap, socializing with many of the same people. They are well-educated,  polished, with careers in almost ever instance, preceding over their husbands, marriage and  children. They are bound together, not only by their hard earned successes and victories, but also by their losses and defeats.

They have connection, courage, vision, intelligence, and ambition, which that afford them an abundance of social radiance and unquestionable worth. Some of them have emerged from shadows into the light, their events, their personalities and their mere presence forged, changed and lent shape to the human drama that revolves around the community scene. Their emergence contributed in advancing the role of women in their ability to override challenges of the new world and savor the pleasant surprises.

Their invitations are cherished. Of the many soirees, none surpassed in terms of impact or poignancy when these  doyens and incoming younger set, roll their sleeves away from the lights of camera—toiled in silence, for the other person, in their philanthropic feats.

In my new beat, as a quiet observer, I am grateful to be able to glimpse a slice of a cultivated life—selflessness, an increasingly rare commodity in this contemporary Fil-Am genre.

Most of these photos are decidedly impersonal, playful and an epitome  of chic, even ultra fashion. They all have great taste. They are classy and really nice ladies.

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