LOS ANGELES—We had big excitements in our neighborhood at the Historic Filipinotown last Sunday, Jan. 4. There were predictable enthusiasm, pleasant surprises and enterprising constancy. Most astonishingly, what we learned was savoir-faire.

There were names so cumbersome in all the special guest, supporters, friends as they grandly slip on the seat of honor assigned to them. The sensitivity was something of phenomena.

Here was an event, political in design, yet systematically poised, gracious and courtly. The whole shindig was not what encouraged attention, but the plight of values one needed to explore. It was not about what fashion was needed to support a young man’s path to leadership, but about the difficult expression in virtues—the good and the bad. The truth seeks a matter of political ideological choices.

The intense concentration was on Greggy Araneta, the better half of Irene Marcos, who was swathed in red, waving and shaking hands as he cut himself to an almost hysterical crowd and dispatched a happy “chemistry” between him and Sen. Bongbong Marcos’s supporters.

They picked up his every single word. There was no doubting the sensitivity between the man and the audience.

“I am not the politician of the family,” he said to a crowd roared in response with affection and enthusiasm as they clapped their hands through a generational imbalance among the relatively young and old alike. But words cannot do everything, the rest is told by the eye in images that captured the event.

Here are photos often, hilariously dubbed the “Kodak Moment.”

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