LOS ANGELES—Every so often, a major Fil-Am celebration with so many great minds, descends on this city. It would be a fitting time to highlight an inspiring unique portfolio that captures a moment for this city.

Members of the Fil-Am community recently celebrated Philippine Independence Day as they gathered for the customary festivities where we’ve seen throughout history—from the traditional nostalgic parade, the iconic pageantry, regalia of the parade of colors at the Universal Hilton, the pomp and circumstance of Kalayaan Incorporated to an exceptional Filipiniana fashion costumes, historical tributes, mostly filled cultural live and the gala nights.

It was capped by a City Hall Resolution recognizing the Philippines’ 117 years of independence, which was signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the 15 councilmembers, presented at the City Hall Chamber, and witnessed by councilmembers Mitch O’Farell and Jose Huizar, and Consul General Leo Herera Lim.

The City Hall festivities were organized by the Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employees (LAFACE), in a unique parade of colors with 25 of the LAPD’s Filipino officers with LA Police Chief Charlie Beck.

The Consul General’s inspiring speech reminded revelers of the true value of our national heroes roles in celebration—as the fruits of our independence and freedom. Our thoughts soar to Gabriela Silang, Tandang Sora, Princess Urduja, and it occurred to us how serendipitous it is for a woman—in an era often influenced  by unofficially male privilege—in the name of freedom, be accorded the same courtesy they deserve.

I like strong women, you can’t live without them. They’ve always been around. There’s icing on the cake for all women. In this year’s celebration of our independence, we might as well celebrate particularly a strong variety of the female species: the Fil-Am woman.

Here is a little round-up of the brightest and busiest, if not the most giving ladies in town. We’ve always been the caregivers and statistically, more philanthropic than men.

The leading ladies

They are all linked by one common thread: women who had the ambition, courage and foresight to go after their dreams. They are resilient and irresolute.

The presidents of the 117th Independence Day’s organizations are women: admired and respected Bernie Targa-Ganon of Ms. Fil-Am International; Linda Granados of the Los Angeles Filipino Association of City Employee (LAFACE); Ms. Zeny Sabocor of Kalayaan Incorporated; Lydia V. Solis of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California; Ms. Dolores Umayam of the Philippine coordinating council of Southern California (PICCSC) whose Philippines Childrens Charities, Incorporated (PCCI) had donated an unsurpassed record.

With some of the greatest breakthroughs they’ve crossed, we can’t wait to see what they do, next.

Snapshot-worthy moments rose in this year’s spring solstice celebration of 117th Kalayaan as captured by the cameras.

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