It’s spring once again

Today, we stop and breathe because there it is, the scent of hope, love and lust — spring.

It is land’s perpetual gift of sudden grace. It is upon us in a scent that grows deeper — dizzying, probably because of the trees that are starting to spurt out dark, green leaves in covered with clusters of small creamy blossoms.  This transformation is as sudden as first love, a flower that releases its strongest fragrance at night, separate from the sun.  It spreads scents of winter-blooming jasmines, in a calculated seduction, with its nocturnal redolence.

Like watching spring blossom, I keep up with everything that is going on in the Los Angeles Filipino community.  Tidbits about their world — charity, music, fashion, cuisine and other many splendored things.  Add it on with polite, soft news of men and women, who speak eloquently about themselves. With some luck, you can be in the best company or simply part of those who nod or smile at one another, standing alone in a swarm of gorgeous people. In one pocket of ostentatious merriment onto another, they equally are  people who are always in pursuit of a deeper purpose in life that assures us that not everyone wants something and that there are lots of gifts left in life.  All these make one’s deadlines easier to meet without discarding sordid politics back home: PR stories yell to be legitimate news,  colossal overkill society and political parties of every color of feverish fundraising abound, no matter how it is sugar coated, infers donor fatigue.

At the recent media meet and greet welcome for LA Tourism Director Richard Jimenez,there was an abundance of peace and harmony.  The media stepped back, chilled out with the open bar, courtesy of FACLA President Fernandico Q. Gonong Jr.

Pictures matter because they mirror the Fil-Am community’s temper and taste, their stature, as well as their fundamental pursuit of excellence.  Events each week that may reflect accomplishments on expectancy are shown in the shots.  Somehow, we are enriched or diminished, informed or influenced.  These ideals, goals and values have open new horizons (or imposed new responsibilities), whether ordinary or not, are all momentous.

Sometimes the words are more grace notes and the photos are the message.

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