IN this world of absolute chaos and topsy-turvy daily grind, an existence inevitably confronted by uncertainties, unmeasured probabilities, and startling destinies is deemed fine for there are still millions of realistic healing techniques one could possibly adapt to make life easier and worthwhile living… and one is music.

Artemio Tecson during one of his performances

Passionately driven hopefuls feel deep satisfaction and intrinsic value from achieving an almost successful singing performance. Oftentimes, it doesn’t really matter whether one’s rendition isn’t perfect or the performance was inescapably spoiled by technical glitch or vocal failure… for what truly matters was if he or she was able to effectually deliver the core message of the song via an uplifting personal interpretation.

Self expression through vocal interpretation has constantly been a passion for Artemio “Temi” Tecson since this, for him, is an effectual way of finding his inner self and pouring out the very essence of emotion from within his heart and soul.

“Singing has constantly been my passion since my preschool years,” Temi said, openly revealing his personal musical journey with indubitable candidness expressed in an unswervingly sentimental tone. “I started singing even before I could straightforwardly understand what the song actually meant but my mom would coach me with the lyrics and meaning. “

“So, how did your singing talent gradually developed through the years?” I inquisitively asked.

Temi, in his innate composure tried to piece together the almost lost fragments of his youth and self-assuredly vocalized his thoughts. “When I was in the elementary grades, I joined the school boys choir and participated in class programs. I also performed in several occasions at the St. Andrew’s Cathedral Choir and Shrine of Jesus: the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Those public exposures gave me that much needed confidence and ignited even more my passion for singing.”

Temi caught in his best mood

The young aspirant constantly set aside sufficient amount of time from his studies to be able to deliberately hone his singing talent. Admittedly, there was nobody in his family from both sides who could have influenced him but proudly reflected on James Cameron’s 1997 epic blockbuster movie “Titanic” as the main “factor” that influenced him.

“After watching the Kate Winslet-Leonardo DiCaprio starrer I couldn’t get over from listening to the movie’s theme song, “My Heart Will Go On.” The song, the lyrics, and the melody never escaped my mind since I watched it on TV…and instantly became my personal favorite from that time on. I remember having sung it in numerous events every time I was requested to perform,” he shared.

Temi first saw the light of day on March 8, 1993 so he was barely 4 years old when Titanic was theatrically released and its television exhibition was just timely for Temi to fully understand and appreciate the staggering magnificence of the tragic love story movie.

The youngest among five siblings (all boys) born to Artemio, Sr. and Milagros Llamas, young Temi was never a spoiled brat even during his formative years although it couldn’t be denied that mom was more concerned about him…simply due to being the last born. To perfectly develop his singing talent, he took up voice lessons for 2 years under Butch Albaracin of Center for POP, trained under Maestro Ryan Cayabyab for a year, and underwent acting and dance workshops under Beverly Vergel.

The innocent tot grew up to be one of today’s most promising balladeers

To utilize what he had learned into the actual arena, he was chosen to represent his school (St. Andrew’s School) to the 2004 Interschool Amateur Singing Competition where he landed in second place. Interestingly, it was St. Paul’s School representative Franchesca Farr (who later would be the champion in a GMA 7’s talent search) who defeated him.

But that only made Temi even more driven and focused. For him the challenge enormously motivated him to exert more effort to reach the zenith of success. His foresight was keen and his insight was positively bright.

One curious question that popped on my mind was how does Temi study a song?

“Firstly I listen to the entire song, maybe twice or thrice. Then I focus on its flows, I try to be familiar with its lows and highs then the lyrics follow. I make an effort to know the meaning and implication of every word and feel the meaning of the song’s message. From there, I can already grasp the whole essence of the song and that makes it easier for me to memorize it,” he said.

Success, to a passionately true-blooded singer, isn’t just being offered skyrocketing talent fees, having voluminous followers and adored by screaming fanatics but being able to unreservedly do what you love and being genuinely reciprocated with wholehearted appreciation and thundering approbation.

The singer who would be a headliner soon.

The same degree of passion and driven dedication steers Temi’s undying effort in the pursuit of his singing career. Singers, like poets, are born! It’s either you’re gifted with a singing voice or you’ll have to struggle to be one. Being gifted with a good vocal range is a special privilege (many) others were deprived of. Temi’s unreserved enthusiasm and commitment keep him on the right track and right frame of mind.

They say singers, like doctors, are miraculous healers, too. Through their incredible vocal prowess they can touch lives, heal broken hearts, motivate the less inspired, offer hope to jilted souls, and most of all, make the singer, himself, feel great after having successfully translated and shared his personal message through a song.

“To perform on stage and pour out every ounce of frustration, every smidgen of sadness, every touch of love, every snippet of pain, every bit of anger, every speck of anxiety, and every snatch of desire through a song is all worth it,” Temi justifiably uttered in a seemingly sentimental tone effortlessly struggling to convince me, to which I unhesitatingly agreed. “I will never deliver a song if I don’t feel its entirety. I need to relate with it and allow its very essence to get into my system and have an effect on me. Then I’m quite certain that this is what could truly make me effectually convey the message across.”

After years of being under the spotlight and having shared the same stage with homegrown talents and Manila-based celebrities, Temi has proudly accumulated a long roster of performances neatly tucked under his sleeves.

Back in Manila, Temi had enjoyed the sweet tip of success through ABS-CBN station ID, Duet Bulilit TV (a segment on ABS-CBN Channel 2’s MTB), SM Mall of Asia, ABS-CBN Talent Center (two years), Maala-ala Mo Kaya (ABS -CBN weekly drama anthology), television and print ads like Globe Gizmo (with Elmo Magalona), Nido (with Ai-Ai Delas Alas), Zesto Juice, and as a regular performer at Dreamscape at Robinson’s Galeria with his band, XYKidz (a four-member kid group composed of 8 and 9 year-old boys who did variety and cover boyband music).

He came to America in 2007 to visit his mom, Miles, and finally joined her in 2010. Temi may have left the Philippines with a heavy heart but never left behind his passion for music. Here in New York, his talent relentlessly shines, such dazzling treasure that cannot be kept hidden underneath for its luster will find its way to be found.

No matter how occupied he is with his studies and parttime job, Temi still finds a way to squeeze into his already tight schedule weekend gigs and small-time shows, just so to free his passion and resume an almost aborted career.

Here in New York, Temi used to perform at Promdi, House of Inasal, D’Haven, and other most visited weekend watering holes. His unique singing style and charismatic demeanor propelled him to the mainstream stage of celebrity concerts either as either one of the front act talents or among the feature artists in shows like: Wency Cornejo’s Concert, OPM Hitmakers Concert Tour at Resorts World, Bryan Magsayo’s  Concert @ Melrose Place, 6th TOFA Awards at Carnegie Hall, Take The Stage Christmas Fundraising Event at Perlas, Gabby Concepcion Concert at Sheraton Hotel Flushing, Sarah Geronimo Concert, PIDCI Parade in NYC, Jenn Cuneta Concert at Baruch College Auditorium, and a few more.

Currently, when away from the spotlight, Temi is affiliated with a media advertising and investment company for more than three years doing concierge management and booking corporate rooms for conferences and private meetings.

“If ever I have the opportunity to go back to school I want to study Culinary Arts or look for a more stable and secure job,” he said.

The year 2019 has just began and Temi is already at the verge of excitement with the immense offers that landed on his lap: as a performer in the upcoming “He’s Back Concert” of Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano on April 14 at the Town Hall and as a member of the New York delegation to the 2019 WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) July in Long Beach, California.

At the moment, time is running short for Temi as he breathlessly prepares for his pre-Valentine’s fundraising solo concert on February 2 at D’Haven.

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