BCBP’s persuasion moves Lasylee & Jerome Marte to rekindle connubial bond

Overoptimistic and starry-eyed romantics are conscientiously defensive and closely guarded with their loved ones and whatever relationships they have kept for years. They value life and treasure every minute not only for themselves but for the persons they consider their very reason for living.
A person seriously “married” to his marital union constantly envisions of exciting things to further enhance his existing matrimonial status. There are consistently inexhaustible ideas crowding his mind as how to keep his married status going stronger and lasting while building schemes of enthusiastic measures to make his partner happy and contented.
But sadly others consider marriage to be just a piece of paper where the sworn and signed contract could instantly be dissolved and expunged once the mutual feelings subside, the emotions turn unreciprocated, and the collateral damage becomes irremediable. The absence of a strapping fundamental base perceptibly contributed for the relationship to be wobbly, unstable, and on-the-rock.
In Lasylee Lou Avancena and Jerome Neri Marte’s conjugal relationship, theirs was founded on mutual trust brought about by their youthful innocence and care-free formative years since they were childhood playmates and constant companions with a strong sanguine affiliation back home in Cagayan De Oro City aside from the fact that their parents were actively involved in community non-profit livelihood programs.
With a common interest and concern both finished Business Management course: she from the National College of Business Administration in Quezon City while he from Xavier University Ateneo De Cagayan.  They maybe in constant company but attended to each personal affairs without meddling on the other until such time when they suddenly realized they didn’t have to go far in search of a partner… and finally found themselves mutually committed.
Their long-time effervescent-to-mature love affair was formally sealed by a simple nuptial rite before a judge in September 7, 2004 that bore them an only son, Mark Raven, now 16 years old.
The enterprising couple with dynamic business acumen ventured in an internet café cum boutique that sold fashion accessories and home décor. Lasylee, being innately creative and enterprising, enjoyed managing the family business while it lasted… and in January 28, 2008 they decided to migrate to the US when their Return on Investment suffered a demoralizing melt-down that failed to support their needs.
If starting life in a foreign ground poses an unprecedented impenetrability for others, it was a bit unproblematic for Lasylee and Jerome. Driven but not choosy, she, ably armed with all her Sagittarian traits, landed a job she could masterfully deliver (being a nanny) while he, a quintessential Scorpion and aggressive, was employed as a HHA (Home Health Aide) provider… jobs they both take pleasure in and benefit from to this date.
Last Saturday, September 10, 2016, exactly some 12 years after their civil wedding, Lasyl and Jerome renewed their marital vows before the altar of the Queen of Angels Church in Hillman Avenue in Sunnyside, New York… an event that raised issues since it was odd.
“We actually wanted to reaffirm our commitment for each other…” reasoned Lasyl who looked splendidly radiant like a first-time bride in her chalk-toned bustier body-hugging serpentine gown complete with scallop-edge-embroidered court veil held in place by a miniature tiara. “Not for anything else but I believe a marriage to be truly sanctified has to be sanctioned by the church through the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony…to be renewed and celebrated to inject that additional spiritual booster to keep the husband-and-wife-relationship consistently on a smooth-sailing pace.”
Jerome, the dashing second-time groom donned in a midnight blue tuxedo, added in jest: “I just feel like falling madly in love again!” and readily punctuated his statement with a brusque laughter and a wink. “It was actually our brothers and sisters from the BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals) who persuaded us to renew our marital vows and receive the Sacrament of Matrimony.  We had this not only to rekindle our love for each other but to celebrate our 12-year long marital affair with family and friends. Not all marriages have survived this long.”
The truth of the matter was, there’s no actual religious or social rule that dictates when to renew a marriage vow. It all depends on the concerned parties: it could be a year after the matrimonial ceremony (Paper Anniversary), 5th Year (Wooden Anniversary), 10th Year (Tin), 15th Year (Crystal), 20th Year (China), 25th Year (Silver), 30th Year (Pearl), 40th Year (Ruby), 50th Year (Golden), 60th Year (Diamond), 70th Year (Platinum), or at 75th Year (Diamond Jubilee).
Lasyl and Jerome’s renewal of vow was meant to celebrate their married life as true Christians with a fête witnessed by family and friends that followed at the Astoria World Manor along Astoria Boulevard in Astoria, New York.
The high spirited ambience was made even more exuberant by the powerful vocal renditions provided by Rasmin Diaz, Angel Ram, and Geo Ed Rebucas (who, incidentally, also emceed the event) with instrumental accompaniment by Music Maestro Eric Celerio on keyboards, Boy Diaz on drums and Mikey Agustin on the guitar.
The total setting was impressively astounding… from the physical set-up to the minutest details. Thanks to the ingenious mind and innovative hands of Lasylee who painstakingly planned, arranged, and did the startling center pieces of fall-hued blooms. Lasylee, incidentally, is a professional floral designer aside from being an entertainment producer and event planner.
While we’re on the subject of marriage: from our Science classes we’re taught that opposite poles attract while like poles repel. Yes, the Law of Magnetism or Law of Attraction, if I may recall! Lasyl and Jerome’s love story is an epitome of an impossible-couple-to-be since they perceived the world in contrasting lights… and later proved all their detractors wrong.
Those in the know would agree that thoughts are probably the most interesting of all forms of energy simply because they are created and altered at will by a person’s mind. Lasyl and Jerome’s personal case in their apparent application of the Law of Attraction more than proved that intellectual energy vibrates at a million and one different frequencies… and they, themselves, were inevitably caught in the effectual interaction of their inherit mental forces.
Not a few, even their immediate relatives and close friends, were bolted from the blue upon learning that they, Lasyl and Jerome, were seriously having eyes only for each other and later, exclusively dating. Others view their romantic relationship as odd and incompatible but for the concerned lovebirds, theirs was a perfectly matched love affair: she, being outgoing, happy-go-lucky, and gregarious…while he is the introvert type, quiet, conservative, and strict.
It takes two to tango…and to tango effectively, “one must dictate the steps and the other executes them effectively.” Meaning, the pair must not argue simultaneously. There must be a collaborative mode between them while observing a communicative pattern of resist and desist. When a partner’s foot steps forward the corresponding partner’s reaction is to step backward… and that’s effectually easy!
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