Choices in life and the law of karma

(Part I of II)

One sleepless night in the second quarter of 2018, I was talking to a depressed person overseas and her bitterness led to so many questions.

One of her questions struck me and made me ponder. I realized that most people normally blame others right away and fill themselves with denial when something wrong happens to them.

Then I decided to post this on Facebook on the dawn of May 24, 2018.

Someone asked me why bad people do not reap their karma right away and still continue to create havoc. When will they reap what they deserve?

My answer:

Visualize an empty glass. Each time you do bad, bad karma fills it bit by bit. The more people you hurt and do injustice to, the more the cup gets filled up.

Now it will definitely come to a point where somehow, somewhere this person does something bad to another and it then fills up the glass and causes an overflow. That is the only time he reaps what he deserves.

All our glasses will definitely fill up and what is due will be received. One need not take revenge into his hands but instead let the normal flow of life happen.

Remember this. There is a natural LAW…There is a definite order for things and there is justice always.

Note: The same thing as that with blessings and good karma, it follows the same principle. #stargazersays

Why is God so unfair for allowing bad people to trample on other people’s dignity? In spite of their so-called bad actions, some still get richer, more powerful and more influential? Why is it that those who con, scam and rob people of their hard earned money still get away and live luxurious lives? Where is God’s justice here?

Stop dragging in God when misfortune comes. He never designed bad luck. The beauty of God’s creation is that there is a perfect order for things. Like a country with a preamble or constitution, there are laws governing life: the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

The order of life should guide us to make our choices. We have the liberty to decide whether we will follow the basic spiritual laws in life. However, if we really analyze it, there is actually no right or wrong move.

Let us look at it as lessons and not as punishment for what we have done. Karma teaches us about life… the natural order of things and that everything fits like pieces of a puzzle. What we have undergone in the past is necessary for who we are today. It simply shows that every action has a consequence…

Going back to the issue this depressed person raised, the so-called bad person may have worked really hard for his money though he may have an attitude towards others. He may have shouted and cursed those who work for him but it yielded him good results. Though he was a slavedriver, it gave him positive results such as good sales or production. That is the main reason why he gets richer and more influential.

But the downside is that he is always angry, stressed out and agitated all the time, making it difficult to relax and enjoy life. And what then does he get in return? Health concerns like heart problems, hypertension, etc.

In the same note, why do con artists and scammers become even richer and powerful? Of course, they do! They have mastered the art of influencing people into giving them what they need and through illegal ways, they amass wealth and power. Now how does fairness come into play here?

They may, indeed, gain power and money but somehow they will lose these in the end. The universal law will also keep up with them in a matter of time. Sow bad and you shall reap bad.

A person spending money beyond his means can succumb to the temptation of borrowing a lot of money.

First, he uses up all his credit cards and when payment due date comes, he gets frantic and looks for quick solutions. He now gets into taking out loans and approaches people to borrow, sweet talks them and promises to pay. He buries himself in deep debt that his earnings could not keep up with the payments. Poor debtor victims end up not being paid. Is there injustice here? None. But there are lessons to learn. Eventually, he might end up in jail or go bankrupt.

On the surface, it may be unfair. But negative energies will yield negative energies. It is just a matter of time.


Stargazer is a life coach, aura reader, psychic/clairvoyant, and lecturer on the paranormal. She uses the aura, energies & vibrations as focal points of her psychic readings. Using several techniques involving the psychological, spiritual, paranormal and her own experience of the intricacies of life, Stargazer makes one get in touch with his inner and understand life in a positive manner. Faith in God and belief in self is what Stargazer emphasizes on. Currently, Stargazer is a radio anchor of DZMM Teleradyo, the radio arm of ABS-CBN. Her show “Pinoy Vibes” has been airing every Sunday morning since Sept. 2007. For more information, please visit

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