[COLUMN] Part III: Angels among us

(Continued from last week…)

Trust your own instincts. Your own personal experience will color the lens with which you view and relate with your personal guardian angel. God so loved the world, He sent His only son to redeem us from sin and death so we may gain eternal life.  Angels are sent to help us during our time here on earth towards this arduous journey to eternal life.

The Holy Spirit came to guide us and enlighten us. But on the micro, day-by-day level, God sent us our personal guardian angels from conception, birth, throughout our life and our passage from death to eternal life as a constant presence.

Come to think of it, every time an unborn life is cut down, the murder deprives an angel of his purpose. There must be some cosmic angst and turmoil in the heavens. There must be anguish and pain, a disturbance, not only on earth but also in the celestial realm. Some say God created so many angels, one cannot count the number of angels that can stand on the head of a pin.

But there is a caveat to this gift from the Almighty. One must accept the gift and use the gift of the presence of angels in one’s life for good and only good. One must be humble of heart to know that by ourselves we can do nothing of real value to ourselves or our loved ones and ultimately find God in our lives without asking in earnest for help from the spiritual, unseen realm of angels.

Yes, the key is to ask for help for one to receive it.

Also, one must never take the gift of a personal guardian angel for granted.

An angel is an invisible presence that must be acknowledged to become ever stronger. God sends angels to keep watch over human beings and help them in every human challenge. There is, however, the element of free will in humans.

You can acknowledge the presence of angels or deny it. It is your choice ultimately. The more angels are acknowledged and become a conduit to heaven, they become a hovering, guiding reality in one’s life growing ever stronger in their influence to shape every thought, word and deed in one’s life.

(To be continued…)

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