Elma Clayton and the Moonlighter at the Our Lady of Fatima devotees yearly celebration

FUNDRAISING is not a game, nor is it a social commentary or a religious revelation.  It is not the breeding ground for the trite and the shallow. Those who say enough of fundraising is the wrongest thing you can say, even if the exhaustion is authentic. Fundraising is here to stay.

It is some kind of a dance in the end zone, during which donors fatigue gently floats — a point to the heavens, if the saints are actually looking down, at people that actually care. When I find them, they are the story.

The week that was is society reportage with the usual eclectic mix of people who are doing good or great work.

Bernadette Manahan Sta. Maria with guest of honor Rob Bonta

Officers of the Media and Business Club were inducted by City of Carson Councilmember Elito Santarina. Its credo is to say what is at issue and to stop when it is complete, not where nothing is left to see. It doesn’t make excessive claims, nor compulsive sprinkle to get a free ride with other people’s brains and the cascading effect of a democratic governance and realistic management policies, respecting the rules of law, fundamental rights and freedom.

Along with Santarina, Assemblymember Rob Bonta and Mike Eng graced the celebration of the Filipino-American History Month in Los Angeles hosted by Philippine Institute of Languages and Culture.

Pamana ng Lahi, “Cultural Portraits” of Bernadette Manahan Sta. Maria, is on exhibit at the Filipino Cultural Center sponsored by  PILAC

It also opened Bernadette Manahan Sta. Maria’s Pamana ng Lahi “Portraits of Culture” on exhibit at the Filipino Cultural Center and the big celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and her devotees.

Until next week, gentle readers.  I hope you enjoy some of the memorable people, pleasures and events that we shall share together.

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