Hans, Shanne, & Kiel: All set to ‘Take The Stage’

The phenomenal invasion of British boy bands during the mid-60s had inevitably clouded and unsuspectingly misted up the predominant supremacy of the then most idolized musical entertainers, balladeers, crooners, and vocal groups relentlessly topping the US Billboard chart. It was a perceptible sign of an impulsive musical revolution that altered the landscape of music and related genre.
There was the grandiose foray of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Dave Clark 5, Herman’s Hermits, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, and the likes which dominance were later imitated by American counterparts such as The Jackson 5, New Kids On The Block, Color Me Badd, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, NSYNC, and then just recently, the Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, One Direction, Take That, and many more.
The imminent conquest of the European bands indubitably ignited the rise of fresh idol images and since then, noticeably, there never was a dearth of musical heartthrobs and idol materials all over the world. The craze straightforwardly strewn like wild fire and boy bands found their monikers supremely nestled on the zenith of the planet’s  entertainment domes… with due credits from their distinct vocal talents, slick dance moves, vocal harmonies, peculiar costume appeal, and updated standards of presentation.
The profound impact of these notable influences brought to the fore the uninterrupted birth of even more boy groups all over the seven continents that unquestionably derailed, and at times paralyzed, the careers of up-coming solo artists and severely affected even those already established recording stars. From that time on music authorities have equitably predicted that: “Boy bands are here to stay!”
And true enough today’s generation has astoundingly produced enumerable male singing groups of every color and creed. Just lately, from out of the blue, from someplace within our community,  there sprouted three fresh, young, talented, and promising new musicians who are slowly inching their way to fame and proficiently building a huge career unexpected from such very juvenile hopefuls named Hans Garcia, Shanne Garcia, and Kiel Calonzo, collectively, ‘Take The Stage.’
In a recent encounter with the rising pop-rock boy band during one of their gigs in Queens, this writer couldn’t help but get mesmerized by their divergent brand of musicality…something innovatively delivered…a performance with an up-to-the-minute appeal…somewhat extraordinary while incomprehensibly amazing  to watch.
To my mind: how in this world could these young kids effortlessly play their instruments while singing and doing complicated footwork in thorough going vigor sans glitch and exhaustion? Just imagine a set of 25 to 30 minutes of unremitting performance seemed nothing but mere play for ‘Take The Stage’ boys… and they could still afford to accommodate photo-opportunity requests from avid followers after the show.
With a series of questionnaires installed automatically on my mind, I braved the crowd gathered around them with the aid of Hannah Murphy Garcia, mom to brothers Hans and Shanne, who acted as the boys’ guardian that night. In a cozy nook away from the deafening sound of the band playing on center stage, I allocated a few minutes for a getting-to-know-you moment to allow them to be at ease and readily open up.
For an opener, here are their basic personal facts:
Hans Garcia: Lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter-composer
Birthday: December 7, 1999 (16 years old)
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Manhattan, NYC
Parents: Hannah Murphy Garcia & Samuel Garcia
Personal traits: Defined by openness, assertiveness, and at times, restlessness
School: Talents Unlimited High School (Upper Eastside in Manhattan)
Favorite subjects: Journalism & Engineering
Shanne Stephen Samuel Garcia: Drummer and vocals
Birthday: November 2, 2003 (12 years old)
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Manhattan, NYC
Parents: Hannah Murphy Garcia & Samuel Garcia
Personal traits: Highly curious, sociable, charming, and determined
School: 7th grade at the Louis Armstrong Middle School
Favorite subjects: Math and Choir
Juan Ezekiel Garcia Calonzo: Bass guitarist and vocal back-up
Birthday: August 22, 1999 (16 years old)
Zodiac sign: Leo
Birthplace: Jamaica, Queens
Parents: Zosima and Elmer Calonzo
Sibling: Elyza (12 years old)
Personality traits: Charming, secretive, innovative and responsible
School: Junior (Grade 11) at Bergenfield High School
Favorite Subjects: Math and Science
Later on, I made the boys answer common queries on subjects familiar to teenagers like them which they candidly responded:
What was your first musical instrument?
Hans: “It was a slightly used Fender 70s Stratocaster that I saw on sale
Its original price could command a little less than a thousand dollars but I got it for $480.00 from my own savings with my mom paying half as my loan.”
Shanne: “Oh, that was one ordinary day from school when my parents surprised me with a starter set…that’s where I mastered my skills with the drumsticks.”
Kiel: “Actually, I started with violin but my father advised me to get into guitar and had my first bass guitar when I was in 6th grade
Since when did you start being hooked into your passion?
Hans: “Just 2 years ago with one of my earliest compositions, “Waiting,”  got noticed since I sang it last year at Payag Restaurant. It has been a part of our repertoire since.”
Shanne:“Just 4 years ago when I was hooked into watching bands on TV and kept my eyes closely glued on the drummers…especially Green Day Band.”
Kiel: “I was into musical instruments even when I was a child but learned to love playing the guitar after I switched from violin… and never allowed a day to pass without strumming it.”
What and how is a regular school day for you?
Hans: “Well, I always take cereals for breakfast, brush my teeth and ready for  school. I’m used to taking showers the night before. After school I loiter around the campus or play with my friends. Bedtime is usually 12 midnight after I finished my assignments or practice on the guitar when time permits.”
Shanne: “I normally wake up at 6, take shower, eat cereals or meat, and off for school. I play drums or basketball after school and go to bed at10:30 PM.
Sometimes I watch TV when I can’t sleep but I’ll be in bed by 12:00.”
Kiel: “I’m up by 6:00 and usually have eggs, bread, and coffee for breakfast.
Take a shower, get dressed, pick-up my sandwich, and off to school. I normally spend an hour in the gym and 2 hours in the basketball court and when there’s enough time, I hang out in the mall with my friends.
I go to sleep on or before 12… and no TV for me.”
What’s your future plan?
Hans: “I’m leaning towards taking up either Psychology or Psychiatry or shift to Civil Engineering once I’ve saved enough from my job as a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist.”
Shanne: “Nothing concrete at the moment but maybe it has something to do with what I’m enthusiastic about… and that would be music related.”
Kiel: “After high school I’m planning to take up Nursing like my mom…then maybe take another course that will offer professional advancement with rewarding benefits like an Anesthesiologist, maybe.”
Who shops for your clothes and other personal stuff?
Hans: “I do…although my parents know exactly what I want but it’s best when I personally pick them.”
Shanne: “I do. My brother and I would go to the mall or sometimes, buy them online.”
Kiel: “Before it used to be my mom or dad but when I turned 13, they respected my personal preference.”
Then, I segued to shoot a couple of individual pertinent questions:
Hans, what are your other compositions and sources of inspiration?
“I got them from my everyday encounter with friends and you’ll notice that my titles are typically one-liners: “Dirty” (about being lost & not knowing where to go); “Love” (it’s a personal emotional experience with a classmate); “Gums” (about the after-effect of addiction to smoking); “Noon” (funny, but this was about the same girl, that’s her last name, that dumped me); “Sell” (it’s about exchanging one’s soul to the devil for fame and fortune… something similar to Christopher Marlowe’s ‘Faustus’); and “Talk” (just about casual conversation).”
Any crush at your age? This is for you, Hans:
“I have had a lot but the one when I was 14 has left a significant mark …although they said it was just puppy love… but I feel something else.”
For you, Shanne…could you still recall your first ever gig?  
“Of course! That would be in 2014 in an Ati-Atihan festival in Jersey City.”
At a young age of 12, where do you see your band in 5 years?
“Well, with the way things are going, we will definitely be achieving what we aimed for… and that’s being successful!”
 And finally, for you, Kiel… when did you join your cousins (Hans and Shanne)?
“Just two years ago… I was then a member of our school orchestra playing string bass…and I was assigned to the same instrument…but I’m also considering the idea of joining our school choir to hone my vocal skills.”
You look tall for your age, what’s your height and how do you keep trim?
“I already stand 5’10” and still growing. I’m a health buff. I’m into a regular gym regimen and frequently playing basketball.”
Without doubt, ‘Take The Stage’ is one boy band that will find its way to the top. What with the kids’ insurmountable drive, keen focus, and determined dedication to their craft… and not to forget the unparalleled support of their parents and growing fan base.
Incidentally, just being under the limelight for only two years, the gregarious boys have already front-acted for big name performers like Parokya ni Edgar, Glen Jacinto, Florante, Ai-Ai De Las Alas, Marco Sison, Edlyn Peregrina and soon at PAFCOM’s 26th Friendship and Coronation Gala aside from mounting their own shows and semi-regular gigs in various watering holes and restaurants around the Queens Borough area.
For bookings, please contact: Elmer @ 917-859-0278; Hannah @ 347-613-1182; and Sam @ 347-613-1184.
For comments and suggestions, please email: gemini0646@yahoo.com.

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