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SUCCESS, for those who struggled hard, isn’t about the absence of disappointments, failures, and personal let-downs but the by-product of overcoming incessant challenges while duly equipped with undiminished persistence.

For somebody with a strong faith and innately driven creativity no amount of failure could affect and weaken his / her unflinching dedication to succeed… for giving up easily after a fall could indubitably be the only sure way to fail.

Potential luminary Radharani Martinez, a petite singer-songwriter from Jersey City, came face to face with a distressing challenge that inevitably tested her endurance and stability in the music arena when she contended head-on against the country’s equally promising talents during The Voice’s 15th Season.

It was her most magnificent obsession to audition and at least earn a coveted spot in NBC’s The Voice that premiered last September 24, 2018. The exhilarating vocal talent show, hosted by Carson Daly and coached by Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, prolifically gave the 20-year-old Marist High School graduate and currently a Television and Digital Media junior from Montclair State University, her most awaited moment to shine on national TV and prove her worth as a singer.

Radha’s powerful vocal rendition of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best.” during The Voice’s blind audition more than earned for her a stable ranking after Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) took notice of her wide-ranged vocal prowess and eventually ended up her vocal coach.

The program’s production team discovered Radha from YouTube after listening to her voluminous uploaded cover and original songs. After her submitted demo tapes unanimously received a thumbs-up she was invited to fly to Los Angeles where the show was taped and recorded.

The petite warbler was all eyes to an auspicious future, inspiringly looking forward to an exciting and profitable journey.

Radha’s unique name (Hindu: Radha meaning “success” or “lightning” and Rani meaning “queen” or wife of a Rajah) offered an easy recall for televiewers… not to mention her unique vocal mechanism, powerful breath support, and innately effervescent singing style.

 But Lady Luck must have left her side during that fateful night when Radha had to stay strong for the bitter-sweet taste of success would be just momentary… such fleeting ecstasy that seemingly gave her that intermittent opportunity to hold fame for just a while then suddenly lost its grandeur before she could even enjoy its bliss to the fullest.

Sadly the early favored Jersey City girl was prematurely eliminated. The unforeseen “downfall” of one of the strongest contenders in the show hit a startling blow especially to Radha’s parents George and Jocelyn, her siblings, and especially her avid supporters.

“I have learned to accept my fate. If my journey had to end at this point, then so be it!” the low-key belter openly commented.

“But that was not the end of the road for me… and maybe, for the rest of my batchmates that failed to make it. It only gave me more options…much more possibilities… and limitless opportunities. It strengthens my will-power and boosted my enthusiasm even more. The experience was incredible and worth my time and effort. I still feel like a winner. Just being part of Season 15 was more than a blessing…no matter how short my stint was,” she stated candidly with conscientious pronouncement.

If there’s but one who was more than devastated, that would be Radha’s amiable manager, Magnolia Ocampo, who, with her high skilled managerial knowledgeability and excellent capabilities to anticipate roadblocks effectually created for Radha an organized and stable career status. She’s Radha’s able counsellor, career adviser, PR builder, booking and communications agent, and personal publicist.

“Definitely, we did the best effort expected of us…of Radha. We never left a single stone unturned just to ensure and nail Radha’s position in the game,” Radha’s assiduous manager professed. “Nobody could argue with fate. If we have to exit at this point despite her best, we couldn’t do anything. Maybe, that wasn’t her time yet!”

After Radha’s instantaneous exit from The Voice, having moved on and reinvented herself, she was deluged with offers to perform in various community and social events. Her distinctive performances gave her publicity mileage and exposures in major media and various publications and platforms like Rolling Stone, Billboard, Daily Mail, and Viral Video.

Currently, she resumed writing, composing, and building her catalog with updated videos and monthly original releases while simultaneously having her songs “High Tide,” “Somebody Like Me,” “Chances,” and “Mama” available on all music streaming platforms globally.

And as if these are not enough to keep her hands full, Radha is slated to release her latest composition, “Wrong Woman” along with a concert, “Radha Live,” at Chelsea Music Hall NYC (407 W 15th Street, New York, NY 10011) on February 23, 2019 together with some fellow contestants from Season 15 of The Voice.

Incidentally, the emerging R&B pop soul singer-songwriter who had been singing since age 4 and had relentlessly honed her singing skills to the fore since, will be duly honored and recognized by PACCAL (Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc.) with an “Excellence in Mainstream Performance Award” on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in connection with the international celebration of Women’s History Month.

Once more, it has been proven again that: a moment of failure only induces one to doubly strive, the fateful fall only strengthens the will, and once up, a new path leads her to the right track where success gloriously awaits in the offing.

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